My R1200GS finally came in. I put 260 miles on it Wed and Friday out in the country on some curvy roads. It feels like a pig when you first throw a leg over but under power it handles really well. Coming into a corner hard on the brakes you don't get that nose dive, it slows down smoothly and then just throw it into the turn. It seems all the magazine reviews were not BS. It is a well handling bike. I like the riding position, it feels like I'm on my supermotard bike. There is a rough section of road on my route, I just stood up on the pegs like a dirtbike and rode it out.

I take the same 130 mile route on my Aprilia and I am beat. After getting off the BMW I felt like I rode 5 miles. It's spoiling me, might be hard to get back on the sportbike. So far I'm happy, now I just have to get past 600 miles so I can really wring her out.

Great weather for riding.

Met a guy at Beeches with a brand new 2004 VMax (Yes they still make it)

Stopped by Leesburg Honda on the way back. Check out the windshield on that trike