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Thread: BMW Transition Boot

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    BMW Transition Boot

    I'm interested in anyone who has purchased and has opinion on the Transition Biomex boot. It looks great and technically superior but with such a cost want to get some good inputs from people who have actually worn them for a while and can give lucid judgements to their superior fit and function. Thanks to all in advance for feedback.


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    Have you looked at the Oxtar Matrix Goretex boot??
    I have mine for a year and a half with over 30K on them and so far they are the most comfortable boots I ever owned. Waterproof, warm and yet not sweaty
    I looked at that transition boot too, but can't justify the expense at this point.
    My 0,02 cts.

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    thanks for your 2 cts, I will check it out tonight online.

    I'm thinking about a complete suit as well, but like you I'm in the south and need something that can be ok hot and work in the cold when a northern front comes through or I go riding in Las Vegas like I will do 2 week Dec.



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