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Thread: What "type" of rider are you?

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    my motto "i don't want to go fast, i want to go far"

    although i do ride locally i much prefer to go someware, as opposed to just riding around the block. i ride to work three days a week (can't take the bike the other two days) and spend most afternoons and Saturday's out riding, but i really like traveling on the bike. when i am out riding locally i always wish i was actually heading some place but since i am not retired yet i am limited in just how far i can go during the week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by criminaldesign View Post
    Hey James, I would say I'm all of the above. I love the freaking machine. I'm up for small rides to town, traveling long distance or bebopping the backroads around here for entertainment.

    I especially enjoy long distance at my own leisurely pace on hi ways and bi ways with a faint idea of where I could or should be. I don't load myself down with exact routing or hard plans. It's fun to stop and look at a map, have a smoke, and figure it from there. Like Bob say's an idea of a destination and the fun is getting there.
    Hey Criminal! Your fine travelin' stories highlight exactly what you state here; flexibility, fun and spur of the moment is great and describes me too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesdunn View Post
    Hey Criminal! Your fine travelin' stories highlight exactly what you state here; flexibility, fun and spur of the moment is great and describes me too!
    my man! I'll be heading out west Friday to OK, by way of southern MO on 60. If you have some spare time, shoot south and join me. h

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesdunn View Post
    What sort of riding do you like to do?
    I like touring to far away places.

    Once there, I explore the area in detail instead of blowing through for the t-shirt. I try to experience the most I can in the least amount of miles.

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    I commute daily when the roads are safe (not icy). And I try to put in one long trip per year. I have averaged 12,000 km/year for the past 4 years. Probably not getting that high this year because vacation plans this year do not include a long motorcycle trip (two round trips to Ottawa from Edmonton by air to bring the oldest grandson out for a couple of weeks eats up the moto-touring budget really quick).
    2010 Suzuki GSX1250SEA
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    Wow...Loaded question......My answer to the original question is "YES"....I ride my bikes to the grocery store, and work....but I also have 111,000 miles on my Yamaha FZ-1 naked engine sport has been to 49 of the 50 states, 7 Provinces and 1 (Yukon) Territory.....and now, after our ( my husband and my) first Alaska trip, I have moved on up to an R1200GS.....Look out world!!!!
    Also, we have rented in Portugal, Italy, Germany and Austria.......Just a few countries but we're working on that!!!!
    We plan very little other than a basic direction ( except for Americade in Lake George,NY in june, and Biktoberfest n Daytona in October...ALWAYS plan those trips!!).........We will get to Chicago this June and then decide whether to do Route 66 to the coast and up the PCH to Vancouever and home, or go BACK to Alaska!!!

    JUST RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I like long distance trips. Over the last few years I have gone to Prudhoe Bay, rode most of the TAT, the CDT and done several rallies out west such as the national in Spokane and several Top of Rockies gatherings, as well as several WestFest rallies from the Advrider clan...
    I like dirt roads better than pavement and try to find them more than anything if possible. To me it is about the trip more than the destination, some being better than others. The only State I have yet to see is Hawaii..Someday....

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    When I lived in a small town a 1/2 hour highway ride (minimum) from everything I did, most of my annual 10,000 miles average was mostly just that. With evening, weekend, day rides thrown in whenever I could. Then I would make a few cycle rallies a year, some as far as 550 miles away over a weekend.

    Now days, I work from my home, in a larger town, still 1/2 hour from most of what I do. But most of my rides are to friends and local cycle events, plus to the two campuses where I teach the MSF program.

    But I am yearning for a trip this fall, from Green Bay to Dallas to visit friends. So I may get my first 2500+ trip in a long time. Aside from that, I'm an all around rider. Some dirt bike riding, some ice-bike fun, mostly sport-touring on my R1100RS.
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    I ride any chance I get. Here in southern new england, the season is short. I ride to work (40 rt), I ride to client meetings, I ride to my place on Cape Cod and to see friends in Maine, Montreal and the Boston area. I ride anywhere and any time I can as long as anything I need to take with me fits in the system cases.
    2004 R1100S
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    I ride wherever I can, given I can afford it, and it's cheaper than driving my truck. So, I pretty much ride everywhere I go.. solo, unfortunately rarely stopping for pictures along the way.

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    Old and Decrepit

    I'm old and decrepit (70 next month) with lots of aches and pains. I ride a K1200S strictly for fun (no commuting) and like to get plenty of time in the saddle in the twisties of Appalachia. I'll be making my second visit to the Dragon and Cherohala Skyway at the end of the month. My around town beater is a Ducati Monster 1100S. I wanted a R1200R for a beater but none of three dealers in my area had one in stock. If BMW Motorrad makes an R1200R, or something like it (naked bike), with the twin cam engine I may be tempted to add one to my fleet. At the moment its the K1200S for hunched over flogging and the Monster for upright jamming about town when my back is aching.


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    Ride Well
    Ride Often
    Ride to
    Ride Well

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    Beautiful '07 R12R at 156k miles and still rollin'!

    I ride all the time. My R12R is my transportation! I have been exploring the Texas Hill Country and all it's beauty on wonderful little back roads and highways. Then this week, I decided to catch the US and German World Cup games at my favorite watering hole, Cafe Beaudelaire in Ames, IA. So, I packed the bags and tore up over 2,000 miles of I-35 to say hi to fam and friends and watch my two teams win!

    She's now got well over 156,000 miles and still hums along like a brand new machine! Can't keep her in the garage at all!

    '07 R1200R - She has 174,550 miles and counting, though I only did the last 24k!
    Still lookin' for my dream bike, a beautiful R1200C...

    "It ain't braggin' if you can do it!" Dizzy Dean, '34 Gas House Gang

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    I ride year round, to work, RTE's, Rallys, Daytona, Texas, Al, MS, LA, GA, SC, TN, FL, etc. This year I will put about 17K miles on my two bikes. I need to retire so I can ride more. Ride Safe

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