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Thread: What "type" of rider are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgalison View Post
    Single track at it's finest!

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    Cool lite duty

    I barely get to ride at all! But boy do I enjoy it! My favorite thing is I always feel like i'm breaking the law! Hard to belive this much fun is legal?45 mph seems to be my favorite speed,Just about anywhere!single bike runs , two up ok too. Lots a work to keep track of other riders. 07 G650X-Country ,lite as a feather goes like the wind.09 :GSA what more can I say.

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    Weekend Rider, average around 500 miles/ weekend. Usually ride twisties.

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    we are not daily commuters or 'nice day for a ride' folks.... for the most part. We like to have a distant goal and plan for it. Could be coast to coast the long way or some nice little ride to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Maybe over to the Mississippi and down to NO. So far the plan has been a blast!! - Bob
    Bob Weber
    Larry's River, Nova Scotia, CANADA

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    [QUOTE=mgalison;554942]Anyone this type ???

    That is INSANE! (with a capitol ADV) Wow. My heart stopped a few beats just watching it.
    Karen Jacobs
    2012 R 1200 RT
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    @ mgalison: Not me, I don't have the throttle control skills, or the nerve, for that kind of riding.
    '07 R1200RT (my favorite!); '12 Yamaha Super Tenere (El Gordo); '07 Suzuki DR650SE (!);
    '59 R 26 (my first)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgalison View Post
    Not me! But, I'm still alive.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
    "The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution." - Bertrand Russell

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    Unhappy ...just don't ask me.....

    Uh...yeah...great....just don't ask a helicopter crew to risk their cojones to go look for these guys....or to retrieve 'em.......BTDT... from an EMS pilot!!
    Words to Ride by: Patience, Anticipate, Paranoia
    Shep Brown MOA 27510
    "Igor" 82 RS "Inga" 04RT
    Pensacola, Flairider

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    I live in Putnum County Tennessee
    my little red mule is my only transportation (besides a bicycle) so i fall into both catagories. groceries and long rides.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgalison View Post
    Back before experience taught me that life was much too fragile to risk gambling it away for cheap thrills I used to be. It does remind me, though, of a few trails that that my buddies and I used to ride on occasion. Luckily, I lived long enough to outgrow the desire for that sort of thing with only a few nice scars and and handful of fingers that no longer bend correctly to show for it.

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    I really dislike being in any car. Long trips in a car kill my back. I will pick my bike over my old pickup truck for any place I must go. Going is key for me. I commute to work on two lane twisties on a motorcycle or bicycle daily. I love to take long trips. I will ride dirt, twisties or slab all day, I really dont care, I love them all.

    Tiz a major quirk of my personality, but, the only time Im completely relaxed and comfortable is when Im on two wheels, bicycle or motorcycle, it does not matter.

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    I am mostly a weekend rider, but, on paved surfaces. Not like the guys in the video. I felt as if I should put on all my gear just to watch .
    Hope they are still alive!
    Al From Chgo Burbs

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    Hey James, I would say I'm all of the above. I love the freaking machine. I'm up for small rides to town, traveling long distance or bebopping the backroads around here for entertainment.

    I especially enjoy long distance at my own leisurely pace on hi ways and bi ways with a faint idea of where I could or should be. I don't load myself down with exact routing or hard plans. It's fun to stop and look at a map, have a smoke, and figure it from there. Like Bob say's an idea of a destination and the fun is getting there.

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    I used to use the Triumph to commute, 20 miles round trip, and for quick 50-60 mile trips through the back roads around town. But, now that I have my Roadster, I typically pick a town on the map, 80-100 miles away (retired, so I got time), and go for lunch. I even sat down to plan out my 5k+ mile trip this summer from TX to OR for the rally, then back home via MN. Can't wait!

    '07 R1200R - She has 174,550 miles and counting, though I only did the last 24k!
    Still lookin' for my dream bike, a beautiful R1200C...

    "It ain't braggin' if you can do it!" Dizzy Dean, '34 Gas House Gang

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