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Thread: What "type" of rider are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdmetzger View Post
    I also commute to work, though I REALLY need to find a good, waterproof, easy on/off suit to wear for my commute because I run home on lunch and the whole on/off/on/off/on/off/on/off with separate jacket and pants is annoying, and leads to me driving more than riding.

    My exact thoughts. Especially on days when I have to go to multiple locations.
    I think it will make me look like a dork though...uh wait a minute..I am a dork!

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    A little bit of "all of the above", except minimal commuting and I'm not into "Iron Butt" style riding for a tripmeter reading; both of which force me to be concerned with a schedule and an agenda.

    Off-road riding gets mixed in to my equation too, though a bit less so now that my son has moved out and we moved into town. We used to have own twenty acres of good rough butte and coulee country and free access to over 100 more adjacent to it, just open the garage door get on the bike and ride. Now I have to load and trailer those bikes to the mountains and make an all day affair out of a what used to be easy fun.

    I have taken to spur of the moment, get home from school or whatever, it's a nice day "blasts" for an hour or a few out into the mountains or river canyons around here on the VFR... I come home relaxed, refreshed, and renewed

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesdunn View Post
    What sort of riding do you like to do? Are you a long haul endurance type, i.e., do you ride for thousands of miles at the drop of a cap? Or, are you a "go to the grocery", short distance riding specialist? The type of rider that goes on errands for beer and pretzels, or a quick trip over to mom's three blocks away for a cuppa tea, but never much further than the city limits? Do you see yerself as an all 'rounder, ridin' whenever, to wherever, for whatever reason, or perhaps, no reason at all?

    D. All of the above.

    Motorcycles are my prefered form of transportation and recreation.
    --Darryl Richman, forum liaison

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    I am pretty much a long distance rider. Although I will ride down to the corner grocery on occasion, it is a rare event. Most of the time when I throw a leg over a bike it is usually to go somewhere far, or at least reasonably far away. A town or two distant or across another state line; seldom around town.

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    A do-it-all rider here!

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    I usually ride for smiles not miles. I am content discovering new roads within 50 mi of my home or setting of on a new adventure to visit the left coast. Given a choice, 3 day trips of riding in the NE in warm weather would be mine.
    Since I am a believer in ATGATT,I seldom visit the grocery store on my motorcycle.

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    I use the truck if I need to carry more than the saddlebags can handle or if the weather is really nasty, otherwise I use a motorcycle. The truck gets about 19 mpg highway and the motorcycles between 45 and 80 mpg (R1150R and Honda CB250 which is my wifes bike but is a hoot around town, and the R75/5 is between them). Saving gas and having fun at the same time!
    Last year I put a couple thousand more miles on the bikes than I did my truck. Granted, I often hop on a bike just to go ride for the fun of it or head out to a rally sometimes too.
    I (usually) AGATT even when going to stores. For a lot of walking I will put the 'Stitch in the bags, or lock them to the bike. When I do wear it in, I might get a few funny looks, but more often thumbs up or some interesting conversation. Don't worry about being outside the mainstream; if you ride, you already are!

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    I feel that in order to stay sharp, I need to ride regularly, so i commute most days possible to/from work. I to need a good single piece armored suit that is easy on off. This winter snow and a very soft driveway have kept me from riding for over a month 1/2 now. I am sure to be rusty, and I do not like to ride rusty.

    I do not have the endurance for a 1000 mile day, nor do I need a certificate. I can ride 500 to 800 miles though and i can enjoy a long day if corner strafing, and sightseeing and riding. Family obligations keep me from going to any long distance rallies.

    So what type is that. My type and I am happy with it.


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    I owned a motorcycle several years before buying my first car, and I still prefer two wheels for most any traveling when it's practical. There are times when it just makes more sense to use a truck or a car, but any other time, I'll take the bike. Long, medium or short distances make little difference, if it works on a bike, I'll be on a bike شاِ either motorized and pedal-powered.

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    All of the above as well... I just ride.

    If I can carry it on the bike, I rarely use my truck. I commuted almost every day before retirement since the weather here allows it. Long trips to explore the country, day trips up to 500 miles regularly or short runs to get to the city limits and local merchants. Any excuse to roll on the throttle works for us. No Ironbutt certificates, but we have "qualified" a few times
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    I'd like to post, but I don't have time. Gotta meet the guys for a ride.

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    I'm a biker. jab jab

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    I try to get out each weekend during the season and usually do a 250. Once or twice a year I meet a buddy and we venture over into Arizona or Colorado for a couple of 500 mile days.

    I took the RT out for a 50 yesterday (the weather has improved) and it was sure nice to get her out...Done all the PM work on time to reap the benefits.
    Steve in Santa Fe
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    96' Triumph Trophy

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    I'm mostly a commuter, which means I ride every day for weeks at a time when there's no snow or ice here in Minnesota. My commute is only about 30 miles round trip, so I don't necessarily pile on the miles.

    I take pleasure weekend rides, usually in the 100 to 150 mile range. I'll also use the 'cycle to run errands.

    I've never done any long haul riding nor have I taken any trips over about 400 miles one way. It is something that I'll do eventually, when I choose to use my time more for motorcycle touring as opposed to other real life stuff.
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    About the only thing I don't do on the bike is snow.
    I commute whenever possible. ---Not to get too far off tangent here, but every year I fill out the info for the anonymous book and they have not yet listed 'commuter' under style/type of riding---
    I do also enjoy long days and as much dirt as possible. Get me off the highway where the unpaved road is challenging enough to be standing on the pegs and moving around and I can stay comfortable all day.
    So that settles it - commuter enduro rider

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