One of the reasons I pressed for this new forum was the belief that bright ideas on riding don't go "out of date" - but threads tend to do just that.

Check out Oldhway's thread "When Did I Learn..." and you will see there is a gap between 7/17/08 and 2/10/10 - almost a year and a half. Is there a sudden renewed interest in the topic? I doubt it. The interest was always there but the thread got "buried."

My thanks to Oldhway for setting the example. If youhave initiated or responded to a topic appropriate to this forum, can find the thread and would like to revive it, well, I'm sure someone here can help you if you have technical problems getting an old thread onto a new forum.

My guess is that, while this forum is only a couple days old, it will soon be one of the most visited. Again, my thanks to all who made it a reality.