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Thread: Thank you!

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    Thank you!

    I want to offer a really big "THANK YOU" to Oldhway, Sibud and likely other mods who took the heartfelt suggestions of myself along with numerous others under consideration and then created this new "Just Ridin'" forum. I expect they spent many hours trying to do this just right, and I think they almost certainly have.

    An equally big 'THANK YOU' to Semper Fi and Voni who have so generously offered to donate their time to moderate this new forum!

    I can't think of a better example of how "bottom up" vs "top down" positive changes can occur in our club. Check out "Online Central" forum if you are curious how this new forum came into existence.
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    You're welcome! I am really looking forward to the sharing on this topic! What do you want to talk about?

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    You are very welcome!

    You are also correct that it is input from the members that will continue to make this a great community and help to improve the forum. While we can't make it perfect for everybody, every time, the more input we have, the better we can fine tune this place.
    Steve Marquardt

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    This place is what the members make of it. Thank you for making the suggestion. I take no credit. I do appreciate the kind words for the Mod Team.

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    Nice to see this new forum!
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