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Thread: Come on Everybody! Birth of a New Club

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    Come on Everybody! Birth of a New Club

    This goes out to anyone from Northern Michigan that is interested in starting a new Chartered BMW Touring Club. If you missed the posting for the first meeting, here is the information.

    WHEN: Saturday February 13, 2010

    WHERE: Big Buck Brewery, Gaylord, Michigan

    TIME: Meeting starts 3:00 p.m., Thats 1500 for you military types.

    Please contact me in some way.

    Phone (989)-727-3813


    Smoke signals, Light signals, Drum beats, Homing pidgeon, Signal flags, Signal flairs, Telegram, Telegraph, Morse code are all acceptable. I do not want to miss anyone.

    This meeting is a get to know each other, come up with a name and logo. Make plans for an every weekend breakfast location and what ever else may tickle our fancies.
    This is going to be a BMW Touring Club. Other brand owner/riders are more than welcome to join. The first rule of thumb for this club is that we do not or will not discriminate just because someone has a different brand motorcycle. It not the brand of the bike. It as long as the person is on two wheels and enjoying themselves and the company they are riding with.
    So PLEASE lets make this a reality.

    Take Care
    Pat Carol
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    I like the "as long as they are on two wheels".
    One ride my buddy's wife followed us in her Vette. What a anchor.

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    As long as they love two wheels works for me!

    sMiling and thinking of Ruby who left us all in the dust with her four wheeler!
    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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