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Thread: Do you ONLY ride with your (male) SO?

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    I met one and raised one:)

    My daughter rode with me, touring all over the USA and now rides her own F650ST at age 27. She tours "alone" indeed, long tours and now married has turned her husband into an F650Dakar owner also. She's a leader and HE knows it. They are perfect kidsand married two years now. Our young 'MOA, in motion! She also flies a jet for the USNavy, he too, so her life is unusually exciting. Pensacola is home....
    Montana's famed GlacierNP, I ran into a young woman touring alone a couple years ago, riding from Texas to Alaska, she was!... All alone and maybe 25 years old. What surprised ME, she WAS on a NEW 1800 Gold wing, towing a trailer behind. WOW, this is a spirited young woman! She might have been 130lbs, soaking wet, riding one of the industries largest machines a long long ways from home. I was impressed.
    Happy Trails to all you women out there, willing to expand your horizons beyond the norm of most. Biking is indeed that, an expansion of the mind, in all its glory. Travel will never be the same again, for those who achieve this freedom on a bike. I'm nearly a million miler now and cannot express how much enjoyment my life has seen on two wheels. You TOO, ladies! Best regards, Randy"Polarbear"

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    I find that LD touring is a crime of opportunity, and I historically got more time off than my husband,
    thanks to long tenure at my job. This is only recently changing.
    That has left me traveling to events solo and then day riding with old and new friends,
    often tagging along home with anyone heading my way.
    It has been one of the great things about MOA clubs and events that I have only had good
    experiences doing this.
    I still miss riding cross-country with my long time touring partner, who ultimately gave up motorcycling entirely.
    Especially for those serious cross-country jaunts, it is far too hard to find someone whose riding style,
    discipline, and preferences are close to your own to rule out riding together because he's a male friend.

    unless you're afraid of cooties
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    Quote Originally Posted by Becky View Post
    I let my husband lead so I will not get any tickets. He usually rides a little slower (nearer the speed limit) than I would. When I ride alone I have to watch the speed limit.
    I too love riding alone but have an SO that also rides. He doesn't get anywhere near the amt of time off that I do. That said, I can lead, that ZX14 ALWAYS gets the tickets, even if I'm going faster.
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    I don't have a S. O. so that means I ride by myself.

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    I don't have a SO also so I too tend to ride by myself. Sometimes, I will call upon a friend of mine to see what they are doing and if they want to hang with me on a LD trip. Sometimes it really depends on my mood and where I plan to go that will determine if I put a call out for a riding buddy or not. When I do ride with someone, we take turns on who leads because I find that if I follow for a long period of time, I get tired.
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    Diann, or I often rode alone, depending upon who had time off from work.

    We both like riding alone, for us motorcycling is best experienced as a solitary hobby.

    We also like going places together, or with a good friend, however we always avoid group rides if possible.

    Regards, Rod.
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    Cool Well ....


    I ride solo frequently !

    I am single and have many friends I ride with for various reasons,
    but most often I ride by myself ... to the barn, for fun, to work ...

    I would welcome a ladies group ride - sounds like fun !



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