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Thread: Need Someone in Daytona to Check out a Bike

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    Need Someone in Daytona to Check out a Bike

    I'm looking at a k1300gt for sale on ebay that is listed
    by Daytona BMW and would like for someone in the Daytona
    area to give it a walk around for me since I live in North Georgia.
    It's a beige k1300gt with 238 miles on it. Just want to know if
    there are any scratches on the cases or sides and if you see any
    signs of abuse. I really would appreciate the help and any adivce
    on the bike.

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    I'm taking my CLC down to Daytona MW for service next week. I'd be happy to look over the K1300 and give you a call. Ride Safe

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    I think I've seen that bike -- I'll drop by tomorrow at Daytona BMW and have another look and take some pictures -- send me a PM with an email address and I'll try and get those to you by tomorrow night.
    John H | TexanRT | Lafayette | IBA
    BMW K1600 GTL '18 | Honda Goldwing '12

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    Need bike checked out in Daytona

    I live 15 minutes from Daytona and I'm there daily. So checking it out is no problem
    if you still need some help.

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    So ! ! ! ! ..............Don't keep us waiting, the suspence is killing us.

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