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Thread: Dead GPS in Phoenix...

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    Dead GPS in Phoenix...

    It's not an emergency, heck, mostly just an inconvenience, but I left New Orleans last Thursday to get to Tucson on my K1300s with the Garmin 2730 working fine. Perhaps it was the 5 hours of rain that killed it, who knows, but just before I pulled into the hotel in Houston, the Garmin blinked for the last time.

    I stopped in San Antonio the next day at the BMW/Triumph dealership where the guys are simply very cool. They loaned me a BMW navigator which is a rebadged Garmin and it plugged in to confirm that my power was good and my gps was DEAD!

    I finished the 17 hours to Tucson with directions to the Dove Mountain hotel where I was staying and used the Iphone for the last few miles. I logged 1067 miles that day and I was glad to be off the bike.

    I called Garmin yesterday to see if they could ship me one to continue my trip but the unit is too old to replace and they will try to repair it but no assistance for me on this trip. I tinkered with buying a new one since this one is 4 years old or so, but I couldn't pull the trigger with the Zumo 665 pending release in 2 weeks. I have the GXM 30 antenna to pick up XM radio, weather and traffic so getting the new one when it comes out would eliminate another cord/device and I prefer that.

    If there's anyone in Phoenix that has a 2700 or 2800 model Garmin that would loan it to me for a week or so, I could continue to ride in comfort. If not, I'll use the Iphone, a map, and the advice of strangers, to finish my tour of Tucson and the best roads AZ has to offer.

    The folks here are super nice and the lady that gave me wrong directions from the gold course was probably just a bit confused. I figured it our right away and chuckled a bit when I knew she was confused.

    I love AZ in the winter and amazed at the majestic terrain and desert flora and fauna. I suspect I might be less enamored when the temps rise in the summer but so far I'm smitten.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Garmin does have issues with on-road support. I was on my way from Houston to Havasupai, AZ last fall when the Zumo 450 went out in Santa Fe, NM. They were handing out the same story then, too.

    They would not ship a replacement (they would sell me one), and wanted the broken one tested in their shop before shipping the replacement under warranty.

    They did as they said, and sent a new unit after they recieved the defective one. In the mean time, I was back in retraining command with paper maps. An excersize in old habits.

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    Yes, I know the drill about paper! I think my brain is more in the game when I have to navigate and check directions. I use google maps for directions, then write them down and put them on top of the tank bag. The Iphone is a last resort and has saved my bacon more than a few times. Apple could make a gps and put Garmin and TomTom out of business in a skinny minute.

    I rode to Globe today and took 77 south for a few miles to see how things were. My brother and I will probably take that route tomorrow to get to Tucson as long as it isn't snowing.

    This is some weather you guys are having here.



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