Please accept our condolances.

Thanks for reinvigorating this thread. This will be our first summer of retirement and we have plans:

April: Branson, Ohio, Chicago, the Spam Museum (a must do), Blackhills, Custer Battlefield and home to MT

May: Lolo, southern Idaho, Fraser River Valley thru British Columbia to Hyderfor Hyderseek, Jasper, Banff then south to Nakusp and the lakes region of BC.

June: Cassiar to Whitehorse, Skagway, Klondike Hwy to Dawson City for Dust 2 Dawson, Fairbanks, Manley Hotsprings, perhaps Homer for a wedding then the Alcan home.

July: National Rally, Yellowstone NP, Glacier NP

August: Daughter's graduation in Bozeman, Beartooth Rendezvous and Stanley Stomp in ID

September: 3 Flags Rally Check Point, state Airhead picnic in Kalispell, and perhaps the MOAB

We'll fill in the gaps riding the many great roads of our new home in Montana. By our estimation we'll log 25K miles or better. Can't wait to get started