Left Jax, FL on Aug 21st for Shady Cove, OR. to pick up a 1991 Bushtec trailer in Super condition. Took the northern route out (I-80 across NB & WY is a haul in it self) with a few detours, and averaged close to 600 miles per day. Left Or via Rt140 and cut down thru NV to Rt 50 and then over to CO and the continental divide. Went S from CO to Toas, NM and the Las Vegas, NM. Left NM for Copperas Cove, TX to visit some friends and then back to Jax. Great trip ONLY 30 Minutes of Rain in 14 days and 6460 miles. The trailer tows like a dream and should see plenty of use in the coming years. I was lucky to have a friend in Daytona that gave me 3 NOS tires for the trailer, the Bushtec factory in TN did not have any 16x3.0 tires in stock. I hope to attend the Sunbeemers Rally in Venice, FL later this year and travel up to Indianapolis, IN with a friend before the cold sets in.
Ride Safe