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Thread: Bose ear buds

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    Bose ear buds

    I normally don't listen to music while riding, but occasionally I will if it's a long trip on an easy road. Has anyone tried the Bose noise cancelling ear buds while riding and listening to music? Do they cut down the wind noise as you're listening? I don't want to have wind blasting noise and loud music at the same time.

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    The topic of earbuds or earphones has been discussed in a number of past threads. It is pretty easy to use the "Search" feature on the bar above the thread text. For example, I typed in "earphones" as my search term and got quite a few threads listed. Links to some of these follow. Note - there is a difference between sound cancelling and sound isolating. Many, including myself, feel that the sound isolating earbuds / earphones are more effective. I like the etymotic er-6 or er-6i earphones for good sound quality and good sound isolation. Often times these earphones can be found for on-line prices around $75. {I've amended this posting after seeing that the OP is a professional musician - some of the linked threads below address custom earphones - while these are more expensive, they may offer better comfort to protect those valuable ears!} {Yet another addition - I also notice that you ride a R11RS; one can make alterations to the windshield which greatly affect the wind noise about one's helmet. In my case, I replaced the stock windshield on my R11RS with the tall parabellum windshield - the result was a much quieter riding environment. The solution for one person may not be the best solution for another.}

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    Bose Earbuds

    In my case I have an Arai helmet which is still rather quiet but I still get a little wind noise. I do have the Bose Earbuds and use them when on a trip and there is lots of open road. Yes, they do a great job with both the music and wind noise. To tell the truth, I don't really hear any wind when I use them. I have a K12RS with the stock windshield so in my honest opinion, the earbuds work great.

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    Not Bose but I use these:

    Comply NR-10. They do a great job of blocking wind noise- and I do get LOTS of wind noise. I ride a K1100RS- the wind blast hits me at my upper chest and I use a Nolan 102 Modular helmet (known for increasing wind noise).

    Even at 75mph I need less than 1/2 volume on my iPod- they are that good.

    They use foam tips that are similar to E.A.R. foam but with a center plastic tube for the sound. I roll the foam between my fingers, insert them and go. I have used them without music just for hearing protection.

    Good luck with your ears
    John & Cathy
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    Look into the "S" Plug. Goes deep into your ear canal for great isolation. I wear their plugs for hearing protection on the bike & then use helmet speakers. The plugs without speakers are $40, with are about $150.

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