Just as an experiment - I'd like to ask all the Inmates of the Northeast section to post up their absolutely favorite road in their area. A link to a Google map so people can figure out how to get to it, then a brief description of why it's your favorite road.

If this works out well - I will sticky this thread (but leave it open so it can be added to.)

I'll give a try for the first example..

Some quick notes on using Google maps to embed things
I'd suggest the following, once you locate your road on Google Maps in a new tab or window:

  • Right Upper Corner of the Google map - look for "Link" - select it.
  • A window will open with two offerings, we'll use both.
  • Copy the "Past Link in Email or IM" - and then paste it in your message to our group.
  • Copy the "Paste HTML to embed in website" and paste it in your message. You can change the Width and Height to 640 and 480 if you want - that's a reasonable size for a map here.

If there are any problems - please PM me..