Hey fellow riders out there...

Planning a ride up to Newfoundland this summer. I had a couple of questions that I hope I can get some answers to. We will be riding up from Pennsylvania through Nova Scotia and catching the ferry to Newfoundland.

1. Any recommendations on the ferry? (benefits of crossing at night over a day-time trip)?
2. How is the weather and insects in Newfoundland in late July-early August? Are we going to be attacked by swarms of black flies?
3. Any recommendations for Gros Mornes NP? (Thinking about hiking to Western Brook Pond)
4. Any recommendations for St. John's?
5. Are groceries easy to find when we are camping?
6. Must sees? or Must dos?

We plan on camping the entire trip except for in St. John's. Any good cheap lodging in the "big" city? Any help and advice is greatly appreciated.