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Thread: Cleaning and sealing an emissions control gas tank

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    Cleaning and sealing an emissions control gas tank

    When I remove my petcocks and float bowls, I get some rust residue. I'd like to clean and reseal the tank, but it has one of those PITA EPA funnel fillers with a flap at the bottom. It does not look like that funnel can be removed. Anyone ever figure out how to remove it?

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    I wish I could help, but I did not have the PITA flap on my tank. If you are succesful in removing the PITA flap, see thread on cleaning/sealing tank for some tips.
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    Be sure and check with your DMV or inspection people regarding the "missing" flap.

    I found some people on the Airheads list that had taken theirs out. Maybe this will give you some ideas.


    "I cut my tank flap out with a sawsall and dremel tool. First, use
    a big screwdriver to bust off the flap. Use the sawsall to cut slots in
    the "neck" from the flap hole to the ridge that indicates where the
    bottom of the cap sits. Then use the dremel with a wheel to cut
    through the ridge. The sawsall work is necessary to cut the bottom
    part of the neck into small enough peices that it will come out of the
    tank when you're done."

    "i took a small abrasive blade in a rotary tool and cut the the hinge, and
    lower neck out. i dun no if it increased capacity."

    "I did remove the flap on the inside of my '93 GS by draining the fuel, reaching in
    with a pair of stout curved tips pliers and twisting it out. The plate (disc about 30 mm diameter) was fastened with a hinge pin about 2mm in diameter and fell to the bottom of the tank. I retrieved it with a length of dowel and a small ball of masking tape, sticky side out and used two needle nosed pliers to bend the disc and pass it thru the filler hole."
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