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Thread: Midwest to Alaska (kcab dna)

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    Midwest to Alaska (kcab dna)

    Hey all,

    Looking for advice on a trip to Alaska from Cambridge WI. I am a newbie to road riding at 54. Lot's of time on little 2 strokes and the dirt in my earlier years. Till I broke may achilles and started coaching soccer and driving caravans of kids all over for nearly 20 years.

    Anyway, looking for advice on what bike, gear and time frames. Currenty, I have a 2005 RT as a training bike. The trip is not on the agenda till 2011, so I have time to get ready. Right now the plan is for a buddy and I to make the trip. He's a motorcyle mechanic, so that's a huge plus.

    So far the plan is to trailer the bikes to WY, go to Seattle, take the ferry up the coast a ways, ride up the coast and around AK, head back through Calgary, 1 day to ride dirt bikes with a friend in the rockies, boogie back to WY, load up and head home. But it's stll all up for discussion.

    Neither of us is retired, so we need to be efficient with our travel time. Hoping to fit it all in about a 3-4 week period. Are we crazy or ???

    If you send me tips, websites, whatever I will read it all.

    Thanks in advance,

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    One good site to get info about riding to and in Alaska is the ADV Rider's forum Alaska sub-forum ( There are a couple of threads going there that discuss the trip.

    If the timing works for you then you should try to be in Dawson City, Yukon Territory on 24/25 June. There is a gathering of riders there known as Dust 2 Dawson. You'll meet many of the riders from Alaska and the Yukon in a friendly low key environment.

    A common mistake that people make in my opinion is trying to do too much in too little time. For example, folks want to make it to Prudhoe so badly that they see little else of the country. There are other places to see in Alaska. Once you get north of Wiseman there is not much to see on the haul road anyway.

    And finally, check out this thread for a lead on inexpensive housing in Fairbanks.

    Have a great trip and remember to stop and smell the fireweed.
    Kevin Huddy
    The Outpost, Silver City, Montana

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    I did a ride to Alaska back in 08. Here it is:

    Don't forget to click on my links. They will give you information about what to see along the way. I hope your ride is a good one as mine was!

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    I'm planning the ride from WI. to Fairbanks this June & July. Stay tuned and look for my ride report when I get back. I intend to ride round trip. Thought about the ferry, but will probably take the Cassier down to Seattle area before heading to the National in Redmond. Fortunately, I'm retired and can afford the time.
    Planning is part of the ride. Buy a copy of the MILEPOST. You can get it at Milwaukee Map on Mayfair Road. It's a must for anyone going to Alaska.
    Karen Jacobs
    2012 R 1200 RT
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