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Thread: Lifting bike onto Centerstand

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    I agree on the BMW sidestands. Must be in Germany they only use concrete or a very high density of asphault. Or, the German engineers figure that everyone only uses the centerstand. Because the typical BMW sidestand footprint is more of a tiny pie cutter shape than anything useful.

    That is why I use the centerstand on my 94RS a very high percentage. But it is very easy to get my RS on the centerstand. Same for most BMWs with the exception of the K12 and K13GT, and the LT of course (which I can do). Helps to have strong legs and hips, no back issues, doesn't take much arm strength, but strong hands help too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PianomanLA View Post

    Can anyone comment on putting a 2012 1200rt on the side stand or center stand for fueling? Can you fill the tank to capacity either way or is one way preferred over the other?
    unless you need the topped off full capacity, filling on the sidestand will get you real close. It's a preference thing...some folks insist for safety to put on centerstand and be off bike. I'm not always in that camp
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