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Thread: In no particular order

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    In no particular order

    And for particular reason other than it was just too nice not to....
    exploring more airhead roads in and around Northern VA west of DC (and while breaking in the new motor in my 78 R100; this was the first of three break in rides, she now has her first 1K and raring to go)

    About a year ago I picked up an Olympus Pen EP-1 because I wanted a compact camera with a bigger sensor than most P&S but not a camera the size and weight of a DSLR, esp for traveling, both motorcycle and vacations south of the border. The Pen is light and still has interchangeable lens, feature rich and in RAW mode takes some supper images. Now that photoshop updated their RAW plug-in to support the PEN, (I got mine the day they came out) which came out only a year ago Dec. I have been waiting for the photoshop update to the RAW mode to fully explore this format in the Pen, this is the first series. I like it much better than the Pens in-camera jpeg conversions.

    Now a year into using it I have been doing most shooting with just the 17mm fixed lens and minimal reliance on the in-camera processing or auto modes.

    These were taken Nov. 09, 17mm prime lens, shot raw, with not much more than a conversion to jpeg

    Good-bye fall…

    Hello Winter

    this last one is by far my favorite....


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    Those are some good pics. It's amazing the number of pictures you see if you look, isn't it?

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    Nice shots, RM; thanks for posting.

    Now I'll have to research these new cameras some more.

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