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Thread: Independent mechanic wanted - Cleveland area

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    Independent mechanic wanted - Cleveland area

    Can anyone recommend a great independent mechanic for BMW in the Cleveland, Ohio area, preferably 25 south of Cleveland? There are no dealers close to me, and I'm looking for a mechanic to handle just routine issues. Thanks
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    I don't know of any independent techs around here working on BMW bikes.

    I have all my work done at Mathias BMW in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Last I checked, their shop rates were less than $60, and they really know what they're doing. Jamie, shop manager and tech is a BMW Master Tech. In 17 years of doing business with them, they've saved me a lot of money by doing it right the first time. I've never had to take my bike back for anything they've done. I have about 220,000 miles of riding on bikes they did all the work on. Tire changes are a pretty good bargain, too, compared to others, BUT I don't expect them to M&B tires I don't buy from them.

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    If your 25 south then how about All Sports in Wooster? Not independent but I have heard good things about them.
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    All Sport is good and so is Mathias. Independents are difficult because of the need for a BMW computer thingamajig. I have a GS 911 and do 99% of my own work.

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