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Thread: 1200GS jesse bags on an 1100GS?

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    Question 1200GS jesse bags on an 1100GS?

    Wondering of it makes sense to buy a luggage set for 1200gs and get it to work on a 1100gs? I can get complete jesse luggage setup (saddle. top, racks) designed for a 1200GS for a good price... could I then buy racks designed for the 1100 and fit the cases onto it?

    I'm betting someone has looked into that already...

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    Why not?

    I actually had the R1100GS with Jesse Bags and now a GSA1200 with Jesse's. I did not do a swap, but your idea has merit, I think. A lot of work changing out the hardware on the bags themselves, because the two sets of hardware are totally different. It should work though, as i remember mine. You have to buy the rack for the R1100GS and all the bag external parts for such rack and put 'em on the new bags you've found a bargain on. IF the bags you've found are two full sized ones(left and right), you have another lowering the muffler pipe issue. Be sure your newfound bargain(left bag) is cut out for your muffler, or you may have to move the pipe too, for a proper fit. MY GSA has the 2 full sized bags and I had to do this muffler thing. It comes with the bags, as a kit for the GSA. An elbow for the header pipe to the muffler does the job nicely, with a new extension from the frame to the muffler, all included. N/A to your 1100 bike. Good luck, Randy...PS; Al Jesse is a great guy to work with, if you can find him. I think he has a separate web site hookup, just for his personal link Say Randy says HI, if you find him

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    Exclamation Call them

    I would just call Jesse Luggage at the telephone contact listed here.

    Note, they recommend you telephone them, rather than email. My experience has been that they are telling the truth about that. Email gets much later attention.

    Proud and very happy owner of Jesse panniers and top case on an R1150GS.

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