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    a one day ride...


    Janurary 23, 2010


    Did you go for a ride tis weekend? We had a one day break from the rain, So... Loaded the bike on the trailer leaving about five thirty. I would have preferred to ride the first part, it was fabulous along the high bluffs of the Oregon coast, clear sky and no traffic. I noticed night is starting to look like a new day about six thirty, YES!... Towing the bike would allow me to have the whole day on the southern coast and get home without having to beat traffic in the dark.

    Breakfast was in Winchester Bay and I unloaded the bike in Bandon. Thought I'd go up the Elk river and see if the sunshine provided something to shoot. There were a couple of shots that looked interesting however nothing came out. I stopped at this park about thirty miles up, it was cold, low thirties, and the tables were covered in ice. A little higher than here the trees all had a fresh coating of snow. Today I wanted to see the sun and ride along the ocean so turned around and headed out.

    temperatures in low 30's and the tables were covered in ice...

    These two shots represent what I was looking for...

    At Gold Beach I thought I'd go inland to Agnes but a black cloud had moved in, a bit south I hit rain so went back and had some coffee. The clouds blew past so again continued south thru Brookings and then east on Highway 199. This section of Redwoods and along the Smith River is a favorite. After crossing the river I turned west thru Stout Grove. All the pot holes, there were plenty, were full of water, the road surface looked like greased gravel... slick as snot it was. By the time I got back to Crescent City it was raining. I suppose this might blow thru but it was now four thirty so I turned north heading for my car. The rain was on and off till about Gold Beach then it was mostly dry. I really like an evening cruise along this stretch of ocean, Brookings to Port Orford, WAY NICE!

    Makes for a long day but I didn't think there was a two day dry window and have been here plenty in the rain. Need to find another hat to put in my tank bag, it was cold in the trees and along the beach the wind was blowing. I had a rain hat but something knit would have been better, can't work the camera with my helmet on. A little over three hundred miles on the bike and two fifty in the car, home and asleep before ten...


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    What a great ride report! Nice to hear it from a 'local's' point of view. Brought back memories of my ride through the area two summers ago. Very nice pictures too.

    What is the traffic like this time of year? - it was fairly busy when I was there in July but the economy was off quite a bit even then and I was told that even a year before much of the highways were packed with RVs and Busses.
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    Traffic if light, very few motorhomes. I don't travel the beach in the summer, way too bussy. For the most part you can cruise without someone in front or behind and the nearest might be a quarter of a mile or not at all. Winter is the time to ride the beach, except the weather.

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    Hello Bruce. Great pictures and report. Interestingly I am working on routing through that area right now. We will be in Redmond for the rally and plan on an after rally ride down the coast to about San Fran before turning back east. Never been in that area much less ridden there. It has been interesting digging around for sites, etc to see. I am plannig the first night in Bandon from the rally. If you have specific do's or do nots I will appreciate it that information. There will be 6 people on four bikes. I am planning no more than about 250 - 300 mi per day to allow for traffic and stopping. There will be plenty of time for big mile days after we turn back east!
    Your pictures are great! That is exactly what I want to see & experience! Thanks for the report!
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    Expect cool temps and traffic.

    Bring warm clothes as the coast can be chilly even in July. Lots of small town slow downs and traffic through the Redwoods (limited passing) can be a pain. If you can work in part of 199 to say Cave Junction then head south and loop back to 101. I'm sure others are more familiar with the area and will have suggestions on lodging.

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    If you are interested I can give you some road tips. PM or send me an e-mail,

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    Nice ride! Thanks for sharing.

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    Beautiful pics, my wife and I we're at Gold beach on the bike last summer. What a difference on the coast with the fog and 57 degrees. You go inland and the mercury climbs to well over 100 in about 45 minutes. You are a brave soul at 35 degrees on the coast with ice and slick roads. Well done, be careful.
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    Wonderful Pictures

    I am interested in photography, but fear investing much money in equipment with no improvement in results. So I stick with a digital pocket camera (Panasonic Lumix). Any recommendations on classes and equipment? The pictures you posted are very nice.

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