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Thread: Weak-seeming starter

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    Smile Problem fixed! Here's how

    I checked all of the battery connections and found one that would tighten about a quarter-turn.

    Now the symptom is limited to slow starter speed for the first half-second, sometimes. Always works on the second try.


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    Bill - you may want to have the dealer do a battery load test.

    I had a poor starting condition and all my connections were tight.

    When they did a load test the battery was at 55% capacity and this was after it was on the BMW Charger over night and a 1 hour drive at highway speeds to the dealer.

    The battery was covered under warranty.
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    The resistance of copper in the motor increases 20% for every 100 F, so the motor is not as powerful when it is hot. The battery usually makes up for that. Sounds like a weak battery/bad connection, then when the Hot starter motor needs a bit more voltage, the battery can not supply it.


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