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Thread: Dealer Ads

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    Lightbulb Good reporting!

    Does this evidence make MAX a MOA lobbyist? Just say'in...

    Quote Originally Posted by Statdawg View Post
    Rally Tennesse May 5, 2007

    Veh # DRIVER VEHICLE Results page.

    51 Christopher Wyckoff KTM950 ADV

    59 Gregor Halenda KTM 540SX

    53 Doug Morrison BMW R1200GS

    55 Steven Mauk BMW HP2

    56 Christian Olsen BMW F650GS DAKAR

    54 Max Stratton BMW R1200GS HP2

    58 Rob Nye BMW HP2

    52 Peter Canning BMW HP2

    60 Luigi Piscopo HONDA XR650R

    57 Andrew Fekete KTM 950

    What dealership benefited by the 2007 MOA Marketing Venture ?

    What MOA members benefited by racing for TEAM MAX ?

    Which ones helped ramp up the print advertizing in ON ?

    What Charter Club does the Team Riders of the Rally belong to ?

    Coincidence ?

    May 12, 2007 BMW MOA Board of Directors Meeting

    St. Louis, Missouri

    Present: President Dave Swider, Vice President Deb Lower, Treasurer Bob Malehorn, Directors Greg Feeler, Chuck Manley, Linda "Helen Twowheels" Hedden, and Karol Patzer, Executive Director Ray Zimmerman, Media Editor Vince Winkel, Deputy Editor and Recording Secretary Mandy Langston, Staff IT Glenn Hanlin, Advertising Director Ted Moyer, Accountant Bill Knott, MOA Office and Logistics Manager Tammy Leuthauser, Chartered Club Liaison Robert "Koop" Cooper, Ambassador Liaison Don Faichney, Consumer Liaison Paul Johnson, 2007 International Rally Chairs Sue Rihn-Manke and Brian Manke, BMW MOA Foundation Vice President Bradford Benn, and approximately 8 members at large. Directors Michael Friedle and Rob Nye were not able to attend.

    So did Rob ride to be a shill, and as BoD member ?

    I thought he resigned to do this event to be above board yet there must be a typo in the approved July 2007 minutes.

    BMW MOA -Approved -

    Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

    Open Session West Bend, WI Friday, July 13, 2007

    Present: President Dave Swider, Vice President Deb Lower, Secretary Muriel Farrington,Treasurer Bob Malehorn, Directors Greg Feeler, Michael Friedle, Gail Hatch, Jackie Hughes,and Karol Patzer, outgoing Secretary Rob Nye, outgoing Director Chuck Manley, ExecutiveDirector Ray Zimmerman, Media Editor Vince Winkel, Deputy Editor and Recording SecretaryMandy Langston, Staff IT Glenn Hanlin, Advertising Director Ted Moyer, Art Director Michael Cohen, Office Manager Tammy Leuthauser, Chartered Club Liaison Robert ǣKoop Cooper, Ambassador Liaison Don Faichney, Consumer Liaison Paul Johnson, 2007 International Rally Chairs Sue Rihn-Manke and Brian Manke, BMW MOA Foundation Vice President Bradford Benn, Michael Johnston from the Veteran BMW Riders, and about twenty members at large. Outgoing Director Linda ǣHelen Twowheels Hedden was present to receive her plaque. Accountant Bill Knott was unable to attend.

    So maybe Bobs BMW needs to start a race team to move to the front of ON. Maybe ramp up the current ads beyond parts and ebay.

    Is there a bidding mechanism so one dealer can't be favored over another in the MOA's "global reach" ?

    Which dealer is now board approved ?

    Why should anyone care ?

    Its just a club publication designed to benefit everyone equally, some more equal than others.

    From the OP himself.

    "In addition to supporting my LD riding, Max is big on supporting events. Max makes my 24hr Rally, the Minuteman 1000 one of the best by insuring our riders have the best bang for the buck in the sport.

    Max also supports his customers who want to race through getting us involved in Rally Moto. He also sponsors track days, GS rides and much more. Obviously I will tell you to spend your motomoney with Max but hey I am biased. I will say that the buddies of mine that I have watched become Max customers would also tell you that Max ROCKS!

    It is an honor to be supported by Max."

    Sign of the times?
    Ride whatever makes you smile! Every bike has it's own issues, problems and annoyances...

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    Ugly thread, and bad form any way you look at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TravelingPenguins View Post
    Ugly thread, and bad form any way you look at it.

    (psssstttt.... anyone know who has appeared naked in a MAX ad? )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Visian View Post

    (psssstttt.... anyone know who has appeared naked in a MAX ad? )
    A naked BMW bike ?

    Quote Originally Posted by robnye View Post
    Excellent research.

    Where did you get the idea that I resigned from the board? That's about the only miss you have.

    I never intended to make this post about any specific dealer, more about how I saw an add specifically targeting another dealer. That was the first time, is it a sign of the times? Something must be making quite a dent in Bob's business; apparently he thinks it is another dealer that he all but names in his ad.

    Is Max growing the pie or taking slices from other markets? Two stores in the top ten means a growing list of satisfied customers, where are they coming from?

    There really is no point in trying to say either dealer is "better" or which does more for the MOA. After all what is better, 500 branded $10 items for door prizes or spending five figures to set up the only full service BMW dealer tent in the history of the MOA National ?

    I see your regional pride in your post. I hope you like your dealer as much as I like mine. Your post makes me think you get along quite well.
    Thank you Rob. I also wish to thank you for your proactive leadership and involvement in all things BMW, not only for the betterment of the club but your contribution towards making the BMW USA market getting noticed worldwide. RallyMoto Team Max and your spirited friend Doug Morrison certainly developed the GS riders to be their best beyond the rally scene and planting the USA flag firmly in the International GS Trophy arena. There is nothing to be negative about this or anything Max does to keep their customers involved.

    For clarity the resignation mystery came from the Financials are required thread when I asked if I ( meaning since we were both general members at the time ) could receive a copy of the financials. You replied I suppose this is where I confess that mentally I left a little earlier than the ( International ) rally. Source

    I agree Rob, you never intended to make the original post about any specific dealer or target any dealer. However responders mentioned pages or attempted to compare to ones in the front of ON to the one on page 45. At first I thought it was a BMW dealer verses Tour-a-tec who stole two of our MOA members and used them in their print ad. But it came down to two top BMW dealers that are proactive MOA and loved beyond their regional borders.

    But I would like to change the subject for a brief moment. BMW motorcycle dealers all want ambassadors for their business but to wear that hat means one should be extra careful what one might say about others, or even the dealer you wish to promote. I will admit that I too will work on this personal weakness.

    You are correct I like my dealer. Sadly I drive past a BMW dealer to get to Hermys. The reason is mainly due to customer service because on a damp late fall day Hermy looked for the bike of my dreams a 2002 GS Adventurer and found one way out in Arizona. He had it shipped to me and it was 1500 dollars cheaper than the plain GS that my local dealer wanted to sell to me off the showroom floor and who insisted there no more available in North America. In return I sent Hermy 5 customers that purchased numerous bikes over the past 8 years. I will add I would say the same thing about any BMW dealer if they did the same for me or my like minded friends.

    I will confess that I met Bob but never visited his shop or museum, and I admire his free market capitalism that fosters his generosity. However his business success is measured in reports, in January 2010 from BMW Motorrad USA the 2009 data clearly shows that Bob's is the single largest overall BMW Parts and Accessories Dealer in the US when the purchase of Authority (Police gear) items are removed (which BMW does in fact measure separately) and Bob's single dealership comes very close to purchasing more than the combined amount of what another well known dealer with 2 stores (MAX) acquires from BMW Motorrad annually. It's been that way for a very long time.

    The largest combined parts and accessories purchasing dealer in the US is in California and does not offer mail order parts, accessories or apparel and instead concentrates most of their efforts on the very lucrative CHP business for Police bike sales, service needs and everything that goes with this very specialized business and client. These are simple facts supported by documentation available from BMW; it has nothing to do with boasting, opinions or how one advertises. All of that could change for any dealer by the end of 2010 and we've all seen the ranking move around quite a bit in the past decade but Bob's has always been at or near the very top.

    However I do like marketing and if a dealer wishes to set the record straight or set new records by engaging in innovative events its all a win, and a win for all of us. Its the real deal that we need to further our club and keep our marquee a float in these negative economic times.

    Thanks again for your reply and service.
    If one cannot command attention by one's admirable qualities one can at least be a nuisance

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    Bad Ad

    Ad was bogus. Not mentioning them by name is no defense.

    I am a MAX customer. Great dealership. I have visited Bob's as well. Great store.

    No need to stoop to the mudslinging. Sell on your own merits, not by attacking your competition... Sales 101.

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