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Thread: Laminar Lip or GT windshield on K12RS?

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    Laminar Lip or GT windshield on K12RS?

    I have a question on how to get the insect bodies above me and wind noise reduced on my '03 K12RS. I'm looking for ideas or other's experience. I have looked on the web to find that I can fit a laminar lip on my bike to change the air flow. I have also seen the windshield on the K12GT that looks like it may help air flow. I'd like to make only one purchase to solve the problem if there is a chance of spending the money only once.

    I don't know what will solve the insect bodies right at eye level, if I could get them up on to the top of my helmet it would be great. The insect problem did go away in the last week or two since the temp has hit the freezing mark overnight. I'm in search of a solution for next year when the bugs come alive again. Laying on the tank bag and peeking over the windshield was this years solution when the insects get thick.

    Lip looks like it might do the trick and force the wind up just enough. I am concerned that something that isn't bolted on will decide to part company and hit me in the face. That has crash written all over it, hit in face at 80-100 mph would certainly put my riding skills to the test. K12GT windsheild is bolted on and also looks like it may do the trick of moving the bugs up about 3 inches.

    2003 K12RS
    Shoei TZ-1
    bars all the way forward
    stock windshield in low position
    5'11" rider

    Did I mention that I love this machine for every bit of the 10K I rode since the purchase in June? It is just slightly different than my old '71 R60 that found a new home this summer, something about 30 years of technology may play a role.

    any thoughts on how to solve the bugs in eyes issue?


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    Just removed my Laminar lip

    I used this piece on my 02 K12RS.

    As far as moving the wind up a bit, it worked as advertised, but it just wasn't worth the hassle to me. The noise reduction wasn't noticeable enough (read: practically non-existent) and the blankety-blank fasteners kept coming loose. I am 5'8" tall and I ride with the saddle in the lower position.

    When the Laminar Lip was installed, I was very careful to clean the shield with the provided alcohol wipes before putting on the fasteners.

    Over time, the fasteners began to shift (sliding on the glue across the shield) and detach from the shield and I did have the thing come loose on one side while riding at speed. The glue let loose on one of the fasteners and the other two couldn't hold up.

    If you're going to use one, I would drill the shield and use nylon fasteners.

    As far as the bugs go, I carry a tiny spray bottle filled with water and a drop of soft hand soap, and a soft cloth. I can clean my faceshield while sitting on the bike at a stop light... spritz, wipe, stuff back into the tankbag... go.


    ps => I will sell you mine for $20 + shipping.
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    thanks for the information,

    I never thought about the spritz method for the bugs, good plan.

    on the Lip:

    you are a couple of inches shorter and this is all a matter of inches, any guess on how much the air stream moved up? I just need about 2-3 for the bug problem.

    I find it interesting that it did not do anything to the noise, I would have guessed that if I got the air stream away from my helmet it would reduce the noise. I seem to mainly have whistle noise on the helmet from air around the face shield, try as I might, it is not a nice smooth flow where the shield fits into helmet opening. I seem to remember that the helmet was not as noisy when riding my old bike with no fairing and just hanging out in the wind, but I was also going much slower . continued use ear plugs really is not much of a problem.

    You confirmed my thought on how to keep the Lip on at speed. I hope you were not slapped in the head when it loosened up. I really don't think that I want to swiss cheese my windshield with a bunch of holes to keep the thing in place, certainly would not want them if it doesn't work out.

    maybe I should take a gamble on the GT windshield, they are a little taller and have a curve up at the top.


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    I've got a K1200RS also but mine is a 2001 version with a different windscreen so I can't help you there. I use the standard, short windscreen (most air but least turbulence) and get LOTS of bugs so I use a Wee Willy and Zof's Bug Brick. The Wee Willy is combination mini sprayer, cleaning sponge and squeegee. The Bug Brick is basically a microfiber cloth wrapped around a sponge. I soak it in soapy water and stick it in my tank bag pocket. I can then reach it will riding to remove the occasional big bug I can't see through. (I got the Bug Brick at a rally and see their website,, is no longer active--maybe they went out of business?)

    My Schuberth Concept helmet sometimes gets a whistle too (which can be pretty annoying) so I usually wear a Shoei RF900. Different helmets will interact with the airflow differently. But that would be an expensive experiment.


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    [QUOTE=Visian]I used this piece on my 02 K12RS.

    Over time, the fasteners began to shift (sliding on the glue across the shield) and detach from the shield and I did have the thing come loose on one side while riding at speed. The glue let loose on one of the fasteners and the other two couldn't hold up.

    ps => I will sell you mine for $20 + shipping

    I use a Laminar Lip on my R1150R. It keeps bugs and wind higher up but I still get bugs... and wind. Overall, I'd say it was worth the $$. I've not had a problem with the fasteners moving (but I ride slower than Ian :-)). Be sure to follow the directions regarding cleaning your windshield and also the ambient temperature when you install the Lip. I took my windscreen off and into my living room where it was warmer because I installed my screen about a year ago.

    Buy Ian's Lip. Great deal!


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    I bought Suburban Machinery barbacks/risers.The result is what I wanted,a bit more upright sitting position,less stress on the wrists,arms and back.Sitting up higher put my head back into a turbulent zone even with the windshield(stock,04 GT) all the way up.I bought the laminar lip because a friend with a RS has one,crossed the country to see me,and highly recommended it.I have not installed it yet because the ambient temp is too low;so i don't know yet whether it will smooth out the air.I don't think I would want to drill the shield,though the company offers free nylon bolts if that is what you want to do.They say the lip should not come off the buttons except at hyper warp speed.
    When I install the lip,I will report further.
    Meanwhile,I love my K!!
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    I Put a Laminar Lip on my gspd,obviously not a K12RS, right before My gal and i went on a round trip from Mich-NewYaawk and I did not( Honest to God) get one bug on my face shield the entire way. My gal(650gs'05) was plastered(stock "screen"). I could see over my lip very well also. The noise, for me, was reduced about 8mph. What I mean is that after I installed the lip I found myself cruising on the highway about 8mph faster than normal at about the same noise level as just the stock windshield. My gal said she was watching bugs fly around me and hit her. My lip was covered in Nats in Ohio but my faceshield wasnt.
    Theres been no sliping of the 3M Dual lock mounts- you can always go to Radio Shack and buy some more/ wider ones. When we go out to Idaho and Canada next fall I plan on leaving my Parabellum at home and leaving the Lip on. -Isnt this dancing dude sweet!?!?
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