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Thread: Spoke wheels

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    Spoke wheels

    Any info on a good source for spoked wheels for my 07 gs? The dealer quote was $2554.00 for new ones.

    after reading mistercindy's reply, if I wanted a second set of wheels to put some knobbies on using a second set of cast wheels would be cheaper? didnt price that yet.
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    I don't know the answer to your question. But, in all candor, I have to ask why you'd want them? Unless you're really punishing the bike off-road, the regular 12GS wheels perform beautifully. I've had them on my '05 12GS for 67,000 miles of which 95% is pavement, some of which is crappy pothole filled streets. The rest of my riding is mostly on decently maintained dirt, gravel, or fire roads, with some legitimately crappy, dirt, and bumpy roads, and I have no complaints. I guess my point is that it seems like a lot of money for a very specific and, typically, unused need.

    None of the above applies if you're a hard core off-road guy, however.

    Just my $0.02.
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    2500$ is quite a shot! Believe it or not, my new GSA I bought in '08, the spoke wheels were an OPTION for the GSA model too. The option sheet had them at 500$ total, already on the bike from the factory! This kind of shocked me, as I've never seen a GSA with mags...The standard GSs come that way, but not the GSAs. How does BMW think anyway? At 2500$, or much less, you'd probably find a wondeful wheel builder build you custom wheels. You supply the hubs only! Price the "hubs only" from BMW and see what they cost? Bet you can't buy'em....Good luck, Randy

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