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    Omega 450

    What about the Omega 450 charging system from Motorrad Elektrik? I'm thinking about installing one on my '73 60/5. Anybody out there ever try one? I want to add running lites, gps, and maybe heated clothes...will it do the job?

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    It should, I can run my heated pants and jacket and GPS (GPS's take Very Little wattage) on my 78 with just the standard 250 watt if I'm not riding in a lot of stop and go traffic, plus if you have the electronic heat troller for the gerbings it actually works but regulating the wattage so at half setting it is only drawing have the wattage, unlike the older controls. I'd leave some room in the calculations of total wattage used when everything is on, say 25% for those times when I are idling a lot often in the case I will kill my extra lighting, not really needed in stop and go, IMHO. But also make sure you have a good battery, remember no matter how much wattage you pump out, when the gen light is on your running off your battery.


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    I got the 400 watt Omega in 2002 for my 92 R100R and it is great.
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