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Thread: Ride-2-Q again this year?

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    At that time Fri I was eating dinner at Ceviche in Waynesville, washing it down with some Highland Abbey Ale.

    +1 on weather channel riders and, no I didn't see the note.

    There were very few Hardleys at BRMC- only 3, one of which actually had stock pipes. Everything there was an FJR with the exception of a couple Triumphs, a Duc, a GS 1150, a couple R1200RTs (one mine) and and 3 V Stroms. Aside from the FJR guys meet, there was an ADV ride and a V Strom ride nearby. While riding around I also ran into car groups of Miatas, Porsches and MG-TDs and I didn't even go anywhere near the Dragon.....Did see a few small Hardley group rides, also.

    Riding back to Wilmington on Sun was also nearly weather free- only about 15 miles of a shower band at the usual location about 30-40 miles inland from Wilmington where the ocean influence meets inland air masses.

    Maybe next year......

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    No Weather Channel for me; I've just been fairly short on both time off and available cash lately. My life sucks.
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