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Thread: New Member in Ithaca, New York

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    New Member in Ithaca, New York

    Hi, Im Alex. Joined the forum over the summer and have been busy with work and school so I haven had time to post anything.

    Basic stuff is, Im a Mechanical Engineer and currently have two bikes. A 1971 R60/5 that I picked up for free. Thing was a basket case. All the bolts for the entire bike came in the same coffee can and took two trips filling up my old golf with parts. Took a year to get running and another to get rrunning well and all the goofy stuff sorted out. Stuff like instrument lights and a messed up charging system.
    Its been a learning experience, still dont understand why the bike doesnt have any fuses. The guys at Max BMW have been a huge help. That was before I found this forum though.

    The other bike is a GS500, dont really like it but got it really cheap and just trying to turn it to buy something else. Or parts, those are nice to.

    Hope to learn a lot from this place and just have a good time.


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    Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here.

    Looks like you are not afraid to tackle a project bike. How about a picture of the completed project.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
    Ride Well

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    Hey Alex! Welcome aboard! Sounds like you have real prize there and one to proud of. Having fun...heck that will not be a problem in this group! Glad to have you..ride safe and ride often (may want to let it warm up some though! )
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    The Bike

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I posted an after pic in the airheads picture thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graymantr6 View Post
    Its been a learning experience, still dont understand why the bike doesnt have any fuses.
    Fuses just help keep the smoke in. Smoke needs to be free ...

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    Hey Alex! I SO envy people who can look at a basket of parts and create something functional out of it!

    Nice riding in your neck of the woods!

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    Also get help from

    Heids Hodaka & BMW
    2033 Garnet Lake Rd N
    Johnsburg, NY 12843
    Or call 518-251-2110

    They have plenty of parts in trailers and provide technical help.
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    I started riding BMWs in 1972 and I had an R60/5 at first. I used to drive to Ithaca from Skaneateles to get ice cream at Purity Ice Cream at the end of the lake. I used to go to college town to a greek restaurant. I miss the hills and seasons and especially miss Wegman's.
    I hope you have a great experience with BMW MOA and your bike. You have serious depth and breadth of knowledge with these great people.
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