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Thread: Winter Repairs, Maintenance and Farkelizing

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    Winter Repairs, Maintenance and Farkelizing

    In our long winters one thing that keeps us sorta sane is working on our bikes. What winter projects are others doing to pass the cold winter months away? Here's our list of significant projects (remember it is a long winter up here ):

    Install StarCom on all four bikes.

    R1200 R New bike
    Peg lowering
    Hand Guards & Flares
    Scout Fairing
    Driving Lights
    Oil Cooler cover
    Engine guards
    Cyber Lights
    Fuse Block

    F650 GS
    12,000 mile service
    Install new sprockets and chain
    Fix latch on Jessie Bag
    Install Fuse Block

    R100 GSPD
    5,000 mile service including carb synch
    Install Kisan Charge Guard
    Install LED driving lights
    Install Fuse Block
    Install Hand Guards

    R1200 RT
    Install Gerbing controller
    12,000 mile service
    Kevin Huddy
    The Outpost, Silver City, Montana

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    On the perpetual list of things to do is replacing the timing chain on my 1988 R100 RT.

    Other items to do are
    • Clean and rebuild the carbs
    • Re-install the fuel/vapor solenoids that were removed by the PO.
    • Change all fluids
    • Spline lube
    • Steering bearing lube

    Now we'll see how much of the above I'm able to do before spring comes. With a two-year old running around the house, and the wife under weather, I'm not sure how much I'm going to get done.
    Jeff in W.C.
    1988 R100 RT (the other woman)
    "I got my motorcycle jacket but I'm walking all the time." Joe Strummer

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    On my short list is add different bars to my wife's 1200ST

    For my GT add a Stebel horn, while at it I might even clean it
    2011 R1200 GSA Smoke Grey Metallic Matt
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    I have a new set of Speigler brake lines to install. I just can't stop riding long enough to get them installed. It was 18 F. when I left for work this morning & 10 F. when I got to work 30 miles later on the BC. I just love the wind protection on my LT.
    Dave Selvig
    2008 Black LT
    2004 Black LT
    2000 Canyon Red LT

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    My '78 RS needs a new steering head bearing. I probably will need to wait 'til spring though to get at it, as it is so cold! No heat in my garage.

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    #1 for me is new pivot bushings. I have the parts, moly paste, and Loctite 270. Probably get the 12mm allen hex tomorrow.

    Seems like nobody has one of those in their tool box until this happens.
    I have a 17mm Allen hex for the VWs but even the big hammer won't make it fit.

    Then valve adjust and TBS in the Spring.
    Mike Marr
    1978 Yamaha XS750 (Needs rings), 1996 BMW R1100RS, 2004 Honda CRF230F

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    From MARS
    Over the past couple of weeks:

    removed steering head bearings- AWP (awaiting parts)
    removed fork seals- AWP
    removed the front disc pads-AWP
    cleaned all connectors
    lubed splines
    greased u-joints
    replaced swing arm and FD pivot bearings
    cleaned carbs
    set valves
    lubed rear brake cam and pivot
    replaced speedo cable
    installed new air filter
    more cleaning

    Hopefully, the parts will be here tomorrow! My fingers are tired of "cleaning".


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    - seals and piston rings in forks
    - all bulbs in instrument cluster
    - added stone guard to headlamp
    - cleaned and greased all electrical connections
    - carb rebuild
    - new fuel and vacuum hoses
    - lubed starter
    - greased splines
    - valve adjustments
    - new plugs
    - motor oil (Recycled filter. New filter every other change)
    - gear oil in trans and rear end
    - rear tire (giving a dunlop a shot)
    - rear brake shoes
    - Replacing header nuts with clamps tomorrow! Had to cut one nut off.

    After that the bike will be off the lift. Need to replace one axle clamp bolt (stripped, argh), then take it on the road and balance the carbs.

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    my bike is perfect, i don't need to do anything to it, or so i tell my wife. she wants to know why UPS is here on a weekly basis and how come i am spending so much time in the garage. "what, that windshield, i've had that for along time" thats my story and i'm sticking to it.

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    R100 GS
    • Install new exhaust gaskets between header pipes and collector.
    • Clean exhaust stubs and nuts; apply anti-seize compound.

    R1150 GS Adventure
    • Install and balance new front tire.
    • Build shipping pallet for overseas flight.

    Porsche Carrera
    • Install new exhaust gaskets.
    • Install new exhaust fasteners (some clown used a nylock nut on an exhaust...can you believe).
    • Apply anti-seize compound to all exhaust fasteners.
    • Finish detailing an already mint car.

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    '71 CB750: restoration continues, including new clutch pack and control cables.

    '67 Mustang: front disc brake conversion, with reproduction Kelsey-Hayes four piston calipers & hardware.

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