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Thread: Roundel NOT a Propeller

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    I can't believe how silly you all are.

    The BMW logo was designed by Gunnar Beerinloven sometime around the early 1900's. The timeframe is a little fuzzy because so was Gunnar. The Roundel actually depicts the Bavarian Flag spinning around like a propeller. As he tells it, Gunnar was at his favorite Hofbrau for 2 weeks straight. He'd been trying to hit on a voluptuous barmaid for quite some time, (2 weeks in fact) but she failed to fall for his advances. The fact that he never left the floor under the table he had been drinking at may have something to do with it, for the lovely maiden spent very little of her time under it with him.

    Gunnar finally staggered out of the Hofbrau after his unsuccessful two week love quest. As he stumbled out into the central Bavarian plaza on the way to his job as an advertising executive at the BMW plant, he fell against the towns one and only flag pole, falling to the ground at it's base. Waking up the next morning, he looked up to see the beautiful colors of the Bavarian flag spinning against the background of clouds like a propeller. Of course after two weeks of drinking it wasn't the only thing spinning, it was the only thing he fixated on though. He saw this for several hours in fact, every time he opened his eyes, which was infrequent due to the headaches light was giving his alcohol soaked brain.

    When he got to work, his boss, who was quite angry with him for his two week absence, asked him what he had been doing for the last two weeks. Holding onto his desk with one hand to steady himself and covering his bloodshot eyes with his other, he said, with much pride I might add, "I've spent that time creating a logo that will last our company for years to come". He proceeded to draw quickly on a cocktail napkin, that for some obscure reason was tucked into the strap of his lederhosen, the image of the Bavarian flag spinning like a propeller. His boss, obviously overjoyed with his dedicated employee failed to wait for the explanation and sent it off post haste to the advertising department.

    The rest, as they say..... is history.

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    Old BMW ad...I doubt BMW even know what the thing symbolizes.
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    I can honestly say that I have never even contemplated the origins of the Roundel.

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    Spend some time in Bravaria. The white and blue is everywhere.

    The Weise & blau of Bavaria dates back to before 1250. Pretty sure that predates BMW.

    I think the White is for Snow & Blue for Sky.

    I could be wrong, the white might be for clouds, but I think it is for snow.

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