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Thread: BMW Motorrad USA Roadside Assistance Plan

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    There's an MOA roadside assistance program?

    Oh, I see... it's part of the Platinum Cycle Upgrade that costs another $26/year. I assume you signed up and have called the Platinum Cycle toll-free number. No answer? Or just a machine?

    Sorry I've no answers. I'm just curious.

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    Horror Story

    I just got the details on a recent horror story involving a friend of mine who had a terrible experience with BMW's roadside assistance program in April 2010. He re-upped his membership in the roadside assistance program after his warranty ran out recently, and his experience was similar to Bob's above, starting with total ineptitude at the receoptionist level when the receptionist kept insisting my friend was not a member, even though he was reading from his current card into the telephone receiver. Of course they would not send a tow. This was followed by worse problems when BMW later claimed they had no record of the initial call. My friend had patiently asked the receptionist to make a record of the call before ringing off.

    It will take months of paperwork for my friend to get reimbursed and made whole.

    Based on that story from a guy I trust, I'd never get BMW's service. I have BMW MOA's and have not yet had to use it.

    Is a tow dispatched by BMW MOA more likely to be a moto specialist? I have had sketchy tie-downs by movers before with less valuable bikes and I am really wary of bad rigging. In fact, the rigging in the photo on this thread looks a bit dodgy to me. If anybody has an opinion about the service that provides THE BEST specialty roadside assistance, I'd be grateful for your thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanLNelson View Post
    Maybe they have a crystal ball and there will be a flatbed that just shows up about 2 minutes after the breakdown.
    That sounds like a good idea. I've used BMW Motorrad USA Roadside Assistance twice. Once it took them six hours to get me towed; the other it took them two hours to get me jump started.

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    Talking Road Side Assistance

    Just signed up the Road side assistance thru MOA, attachment is the initial info. Call MOA @636-394-7277 to sign up. The number to call for assistance is 866-454-4260
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