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Thread: Pandora‘«÷s January 2010 STREET vs DIRT Capture the Flag event in Chattanooga

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    Pandora‘«÷s January 2010 STREET vs DIRT Capture the Flag event in Chattanooga

    This will be the first of many Pandora‘«÷s events designed to provide customers the opportunity to use their
    machines as they were designed by the manufacturers. All bike make and models are welcome.
    Secondary purpose of this event is to dial in suspension of customer bikes (I will explain further below).
    There will be two teams, ‘«ˇStreet‘«÷ and ‘«ˇDirt‘«÷. Both teams will depart from the parking lot in the same wave, we
    will all ride together to and up Suck Creek until our routes fork, at which time the Dirt team will split off into
    Prentice Cooper, and the Street team will continue on around the mountain to find their flag. This is not a race,
    but the winning team will be the one that makes it back to the shop with the flag first‘«™. In the name of
    competition I have designed the routes to be near equal time-wise (2.5 hrs.) All team members must be in the
    parking lot before they are considered to have ‘«ˇreturned‘«÷ with the flag. Each member of the winning team will
    be entered into a raffle for a free Scorpion helmet.
    I will have a flag hidden on each route, the object is to locate and take possession of the flag, one rider from
    the team must ride with the flag displayed back to the shop‘«™ again all riders from each team must be in the
    shop parking lot in order to have fully ‘«ˇreturned‘«÷.
    The flags can only be located by GPS Coordinates, which I will provide the morning of the event. I know most
    of you have GPS Units; we will also have Pandora‘«÷s Demo bikes in each team that are equipped with such
    As a complimentary feature we will be offering to set up suspension of customer bikes from
    8-9:00am before we depart the parking lot. After the event Customers are urged to provide our Tech team with
    feedback so we can further adjust settings to your liking. The purpose of this is to help Customers not only
    improve their riding skills but also extract the most potential out of their machines.
    Note this event is a fair weather event, if Saturday the 23rd is poor weather we will reschedule for Sunday the
    24th‘«™..if the weekend is a wash then we will push it to another weekend.
    Event Itinerary (please arrive at the shop gassed up):
    8:00-8:30am Event registration at Pandora‘«÷s European Motorsports
    8:30-8:45am Route review, communication of GPS Coordinates for flags.
    8:45-9:15am Wrap up suspension jobs, Saddle up, Departure
    12pm Burgers and soda at the shop, raffle drawing for winning team, beleaguering of losing
    Registrations the morning of the event are welcome, though I am compiling a rider list. If you would like to
    participate please send a note to containing the following info:
    Phone number
    Make and model of bike you will be riding
    Team you wish to ride for (Street or Dirt)
    There is no entry fee for this event, however there is an optional $5 donation bucket to offset costs of hosting
    and burgers

    4784 Highway 58 ‘«Ű Chattanooga, TN 37416
    ph (423) 468-4104 fax (423) 468-4089

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    That road looks good! Norwood's Avatar
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    Hope to be there, will have to be cheerleader, off the GSA for a couple of weeks. Having a 'scope' on knee this week...the "GS two step" was getting harder to do.

    Hope to see you folks there...
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    I'm glad I'm the first to report on this event. It was GREAT!!! We are so privleged to have a new dealership with such a great commitment to their customers. I would say there were close to 50 (maybe more I'm bad at counts) who came out. A great representation from Northern Alabama, a good showing from the Knoxville area and then three of the best professional trainers from the BMW Motorad Training Center in Greenville, SC. Everybody had a super time. It's a very promising start for Pandora's and I'm thrilled they have a genuine interest in the folks around here.

    Hopefully this is the first of many gatherings.

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    I stopped by there today for a few hours just to say "hello" and check things out. I was very surprised at the turnout they had. I wish them well and plan on using them as my "local dealer." They are also a Ducati dealer and had a lot of them on the floor. From what I understand, the new BMW's should be in shortly. Here are a few pics from today.

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    Thanks for posting the photos, they are great. Would you mind posting them on the Chattanooga Riders thread? Derek and I enjoyed talking with you and hope we can ride together soon.

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