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Thread: wyoming roads

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    wyoming roads

    Heading east to west, what is the difference between US 14 and Alternate 14? Is one route or the other a more challenging or scenic ride? Thanks for your input.

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    As a retired truck driver, I checked my motor carriers Atlas. it shows US 14 as being big truck friendly. Alt 14 is not for big trucks. both roads are shown as being senic highways. if it were me on a Motorcycle I would probably choose Alt 14. US 14 would no doubt be the faster route. hope this helps Kenny...
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    Take 14A. The road less traveled. Nice, smooth pavement, and twisties. Once you get to the top, what a gorgeous view.

    coming up the hill from the west side

    Part way up, looking down at the badlands

    looking east from the 'summit' at 9430 ft.
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    I took 14A on my way east to the Gillette rally in 2008. Beautiful motorcycle road with very little car traffic. You get up pretty high and it can be cool even in mid-summer.
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    US 14 vs US 14A

    I've ridden 14A in both directions over the years. And I've ridden US 14. It's 14A hands down. More scenic, more curves, more elevation change. From east to west the road falls something like 3,500+ feet in 13 miles. Most downhill grades are between 7-10% grades. And on the western side of 14A take the time to get off and ride up to the Medicine Wheel. It's a holy sight for Native Americans.
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