In close encounters with cages(cars), whats first, your horn button or your brakes? OR maybe both, if you're really good! I'm a brake guy first and horn guy 2nd, but do find the topic interesting enough to want more horn too. My GSA1200 is weak there too. MY KLT was first rate in horns and I wonder where the logic is, when a company changes a good thing? Anyhow, I had to ask just HOW a horn saves anybody, when its an after the fact, finger approach kind of thing. NOT many are saved from cars cutting you off, when the action has already occured by the time you hit the horn! Yes?
I HAVE been in other countries where the HORN is a defensive driving tool and they "wear it out", approaching intersections, etc. and its scary riding in a Cab(Taxi) the first time in one of those places. Been there, done that...Maybe they'll just hear me coming, blasting my horn, throttle up!
Some interesting discussion. Happy Trails, Randy