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Thread: Cee Bailey's Windshield on a R1100RS

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    Question Cee Bailey's Windshield on a R1100RS

    2000 R1100RS

    I just bought a 8.5+ Cee Bailey's Windshield from BeemerBone Yard. The holes in the new windshield are larger than my OEM windshield screws with the little black plastic washers. I need help figuring out how to mount this without cracking the plastic. Cee Bailey's said the OEM screws should work, but the holes will not hold the screws without some type of large flat washer.

    This is a picture from their website that looks like large flat washer are being used.

    Any help would be great

    Peter Schuyler

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    Same issue

    I have the same issue with a windshield I bought on the MOA site. Did you ever find a solution?


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    Brass Sleeves?

    Interesting problem, and it's funny (not very) that a fine company like Cee Bailey hasn't come up with a solution.

    This may be crazy, and I've never tried it, myself, but could you put one of those little brass "sleeves" inside the hole? Seems to me as if this might (a) take up a little room, and (b) act as a stress-protector for the shield.

    The "sleeves" I'm thinking about have a "lip" rolled at one end, and then just the tube of whatever length, which you might have to cut off (Dremel?) to match the 1/8-1/4" depth of the shield.

    Good luck.

    Walking Eagle

    p.s. I just noticed (after posting) that the OP was two years ago, so am assuming that the problem was solved way back in 2010. Maybe this will help somebody else.

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    Come spring, I'm thinking about upgrading, or increasing my windshield to a larger-than-stock CeeBailey's.

    Instead of the plastic washers, I was wondering if you couldn't use something like a rubber washer next to the plastic to give you some tension and sticking power. Then it wouldn't matter so much if the hole was a little large. You could still use a larger metal washer over the rubber one, but the rubber washer would be next to the plastic.
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    I just bought and installed a CeeBailey windscreen for my R1100S.

    It came with properly drilled holes and properly sized washers. Used the original screws. 10 minute installation.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    I just installed a new Cee Baileys windshield on my 2012 G650GS. It came with differant screws than the original used. The new ones had a rubber washer that goes on the bolt before going threw the hole in the windshield.
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