There are a bunch of closely spaced buttons under each post. How do I use them?

Reading left to right, the small yellow square with the "V" in it indicates that the poster is currently online. If the poster were offline, the square would be blue. The profile button takes you to the poster's profile, where you can learn a little bit more about him/her. The pm button enables you to write a private message to the poster, which is easier and faster than email. The email button enables you to send the poster an email by use of a web form. The recipient will see your email address, but you will not be able to see his/her unless he/she replies to you. The www button will take you directly to the poster's website, if he completed that field in his profile. The search button will run a report listing all of the posters posts. The buddy button adds the poster to your buddy list, which comes in handy for private messaging and other features.