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Thread: After market windshields on K1200GT

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    Cool Tourist

    Maybe "Tourist" needs to patent his mod and sell it to the rest of us....


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    Quote Originally Posted by jamespyke View Post
    Maybe "Tourist" needs to patent his mod and sell it to the rest of us....

    I'm more of an infringe king. The first ghetto try to curve it in the oven didn't come out as a smooth arc, second try a little better. I also scuffed the surface of the first try so I cut that one in half and used them as my side deflectors.
    The place I got the acrylic from cut the shape of it from a piece of paper I traced on the top of the windshield. They used some scape quarter inch thick stock and cut me two of them for ten bucks. The brackets cost hundred bucks. Brought the stupid MRA visor, (hoped it would work) . I would try to get the brackets as a repair item maybe a little cheaper than buying a visor. The mounting brackets are nice, and you can adjust then to lay flat, I question the durability. So far, so good.

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    Wind noise

    While the Aeroflow may work for some I've not had any luck with it. I don't know if its due to a trade off of some sort but beemers seem to generate a lot of wind noise while at the same time being super stable at speed and returning much better mileage than comparable competitors bikes. For my money, instead of chasing silence through hardware I would invest it in a good helmet and earplugs.


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    I'm 6'3", here's what works for me.

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    I have the Aeroflow screen and the fairing-mounted deflectors and I LOVE this windshield! It was a fairly big job (2+ hours) to install it carefully allowing time for the bump-ons and other adhesive elements to set-up properly, but once done it's great and looks great.
    I'm 5'11" with a 30" inseam and, depending on how aggressively I'm riding and my body position, I can always find a "quiet" setting. I always wear either ear plugs or in-ear speakers (Shure SE420s) when riding.
    I highly recommend the Aeroflow!

    Please ride safely!


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    KGT windscreens

    Hey, I have noted people rip on or are satisfied with many of the aftermarket screens. It is obvious that this is a very subjective issue.

    I am in the process of selling my Vstream (25.25") for my K1300GT. I put the tall (24.5") stock back on and I will say that the Vstream is a vast improvement (I had forgotten how much better the Vstream was than the stock); unfortunately, it is just not good enough for me.

    I am 6'0" and the stock comes up to just under my chin, the vstream to just above chin level at the highest setting; I tried the 28" Vstream and it was too tall and just came closer to my face. I suppose the ideal height is about level with my lower lip.

    I have noticed that several folks like the idea of a short ("sport") screen. If I go above 60 mph with my windscreen at the lowest position, it is quite noisy. I saw a Wunderlich (SAENG) clamp-on lip and saw the photo of the "Laminar Lip." I will contact the Laminar folks to ask a few questions as the Wunderlich clamp on looks kinda silly or at least would be something that is difficult to get used to looking at.

    I have been mulling over the Aeroflow; the taller version is $385+shipping! The Vstream looks to be a bit wider at shoulder height than the Cee Bailey's (the Cee Bailey appears to sort of follow the diamond shape of the stock). I got my Vstream for $239 including shipping; the Cee Baileys is $200+$22 for shipping.

    I want to find out if the Cee Baileys is truly more "upright" than the Vstream. I have test ridden the K1600GT and it tiny v-cut windscreen works pretty well, partly because the fairing is bigger and the screen goes up almost to a vertical position.

    If there is no first hand knowledge of these differences between the Vstream and the Cee Baileys, I will let folks know what I come up with. I would like to hear back on any folks that have had good luck with the Aeroflow, too. What a pain this is!

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    I'd suggest trying a Laminar Lip. They are a lot less expensive than a full screen. I don't have the bike under discussion, but on my K75RT the lip solved my noise problem. This is the same problem that started this thread. It could work on the 1200GT also. I'm 6'4" with a 33 inseam.

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    wind noise cure

    Had the noise problem with my 2009 k1300 gt. despite BMW tall shield. Sent for a tall Cal Sci windshield by California Sciences. End of Problem . I am 6' 3 34 inseam. This is a polycarbonate windshield , unlikely to shatter compared to many popular brands. Also distortion free if you look through it. I personally ride shield up with glasses and look over and never need full up to hit the sweet spot . Does not flop around at high speed like some. It was also considerably cheaper than the rest as a bonus....

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    AeroFlow is QUIET

    2006 K1200GT, I'm 5'10", 33" inseam

    I had the stock BMW windscreen on my bike for two years and thought it was fairly noisy. It was at it's quietest at 1" from full height, and didn't get any better or worse from there, so that's where I left it. That was 2-3" below my line of sight, but I usually dropped the height in twisties and in town.

    I found that if I placed three fingers along the top of the windscreen, then the noise dropped considerably, and this was still just below my sight, so I thought about getting a windscreen extender, but I looked at the cost and thought a full windscreen would be a better investment.

    I read the BMW vs. CeeBaileys vs. AeroFlow review (BMWMOA ON) posted on the AeroFlow site, and ordered a Demo A (nearly perfect condition, 15% off) standard windscreen. I did not order the side deflectors.

    Installation was easy, with most of the time spent being fussy about reading and re-reading the excellent instructions, and making sure everything was clean. Really, the installation is a 20 minute job, but you'll spend 2 hours doing it.

    Afterwards, I went for a ride and the new windscreen is QUIET. I feel that in the fully lowered position, the AeroFlow is at least as quiet as the BMW stock windscreen was at any position. Then, when I raised the AeroFlow windscreen, the noise dropped to zero! I was shocked at how quiet it was!

    So, the AeroFlow windscreen is about 1.5" wider on each side, and probably 0.5" shorter in length, but raises higher due to the new curvature. For me, it's sweet spot is 4-6" below my line of sight.
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    2008 GT windshield

    Wow same problem here especially when riding two up the passenger gets beat up at highway speeds. I was hoping that I would find an answer to moving the wind around us but it looks like no one has the answer. For me I am 6 ft 1 in and a 32 inseam. One up in tend to run with the windshield all the way down except in bad weather or very strong head winds then all the way up. I am generally fine it was my hope that I would find a workable solution for my passenger. Everyone keep sending results as someone surely has an answer.

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    K 13 GT Quiet, calm & collected

    I have a Calif. Scientfic Tall shield on my '09 KGT. Now all is right with the world. No buffeting, excessive noise or windblast. I'm 6'3", 34" inseam. I ride with the shield almost completely down. I still get enough air in the afternoon to stay cool but not so much as it is distracting. I've used Cal Sci windshield for my wife's K bikes and her current '06 GS 1200. They all work. Highly recommended.
    just my .02

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    I also have a Calsci tall on my bike. Excellent windshield. No buffeting and pretty quiet. I highly recommend it!

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    I'm another happy Cal-Sci user. Now I can have the windshield above the lowest setting and not have the turbulence and buffeting I got from the stock one.
    Ed Miller, Calgary, AB
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    I am another Cal-Sci fan for my K1200GT. Had one on my R1200RT before the current K-bike. Liked it as well.


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    Very interesting thread.. I went for a couple hundred mile freeway trip last evening with my (new to me) 07 K1200GT, LOVE the bike,, HATE the buffeting, my ears are ringing this morning. If I crouched just an inch or two the noise went away and I was in near silence. I now have two choices. Just ride secondary roads or try to purchase the correct windshield the first time. Thanks for the great topic..
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