I have tried the original BMW stock windshield. Noisy (I never wore earplugs before), lots of wind in the eyes (I wear a modular helmet but prefer the shield open with sunglasses) and the passenger finds more wind "pushing her around". So I tried a CeeBailey 2"taller and 4" wider windshield. Same noise problem, If I run with the windshield full up I end up looking through the windshield (not what I want), somewhere in the middle of the range seems to work best but still much windier on the arms and elbows. Neither seems to create a pocket of calm air to ride in. Previous bike was an FJR1300 with the CeeBailey taller and wider windshield. We both wore 1/2 helmets and never wore earplugs or face shields. Help, I need to get this problem solved to enjoy this bike.


Charlotte NC