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Thread: Newbie in BMWs - Airhead, Oilhead or K bike?

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    The difference between them shows up when...

    Ya drop them.......
    Air heads are a LOT easier to pick up, and you do, particularly them GS's in the dirt.
    Water cooled K bikes are easier to drop, usually on pavement, usually doing 0 MPH.
    I have ridden both extensively (not as extensively as most of the serious members here, am sure) and on comparable generation bikes, I cannot say I would go for one over the other. Having said that, and as I happen to own K bikes, I have to tell you K bikes are VASTLY superior on everything, including their heated grips.... kidding, just kidding....

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    Airhead primary design done in about 1967

    K Bike primary design done in about 1981

    Oilhead primary design done in about 1991
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    Resale value of Airheads is better than resale value of K-bikes.

    Not sure about Oilheads, but it's probably better than K-bikes, too.

    BMW at one time thought they'd made the "last edition" of Airheads, but it turned out they hadn't.

    This must say something, but I won't speculate what.
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    Why not a "C"

    I skimmed all replies. I see you are on cruiser now, low easier on knees, etc. Why not look at a C bike from BMW. You get the boxer motor. You can load them up with luggage. Flat foot them. And do your own work.

    I don't think an airhead is the ideal touring bike unless you already know how to "keep em flyin"

    just my thought.

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