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Thread: Wurth SIG-3000 (spline lube)

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    Ok, hoping (foolishly) to not feel ignorant, I did a search and read (the first line anyway) of every PGlaves post on the forum, and I cannot find it.

    WHY does Paul prefer a 50/50 mix of Honda and Wurth spline lubes ???.
    Not one or the other but both?

    P.S. What is the deal? Is it illegal to mail gooey stuff to Canada or what?
    Over the course of lots of splines on lots of bikes for lots of miles I have sought a better spline lubricant than had been available. BMW's recommendations were all over the place over time, ranging from copper anti-seize to Optimoly paste, to Stabarugs paste, to BMW #10 red grease (essentially Texaco Starplex). This latter stuff would melt, drip, and run in the cartridge on the shelf and was very poor for splines.

    One tried and almost true alternative was Honda Moly 60 which is a moly paste with 60% powdered moly solids. My experience on K75/K100 driveshafts (which have a deserved reputation for significant wear) and on clutch hub splines on Airheads, K bikes, and Oilheads was that the HM60 dried out too quickly and lacked sufficient anti-corrosion properties. It also doesn't cushion as well as a sticky heavy [Edit: extreme pressure rated] grease.

    Wurth SIG 3000 is a very sticky, heavy, Lithium based grease. It doesn't dry out, stays in place pretty well, has good anti-corrosion characteristics, and cushions things pretty well. But it lacks moly (MoS2 - Molybdenum disulfide) which provides excellent boundary layer lubrication.

    I concluded that 60% moly wasn't necessary so mixed the two, 50-50, providing a still heavy sticky grease with 30% moly solids content. I used it for many years.

    For those not wishing to play lubrication chemist, Guard Dog Moly in Houston offers a pre-packaged heavy sticky grease with 30% moly solids. It is their GD525 moly grease. They also sell a 70% moly paste and moly gear oil additives. I am currently using both their gear oil additive in all of our transmissions and final drives, as well as their GD525 grease for clutch and driveshaft splines. It also works well on twin-shock Airhead wheel splines.

    Disclaimer: I have absolutely no interest in Guard Dog, and buy their products when I need them. But Ben Mathes, the President, has called me a couple of times with specific questions about BMW and other motorcycles and their seals, splines, etc. For example, he had a specific thickener in mind that might be unkind to oil seals. When I explained where the engine crankshaft seal and transmission input shaft seal were in relation to the clutch splines he went with an alternative thickener.
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    Thanks Paul, you are seriously a scholar and a gentleman.
    I'm going to copy-and-paste into my growing stash of R1100 documents...

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