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    I am looking for which Garmin and/or TomTom GPS units work with the Cardo Scala Team Set via Blue tooth. I am fairly certain the Zuma 500, 550, and 660 work, but I was hoping some of the less expensive bluetooth models work. I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with these.

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    Garmin 265WT and 765T will NOT. I was told the 765T would, but that was not true, at least with the Teamset. I ended up getting a new speaker/mic MP3 setup, which comes with the newer Q2, and now run a wire when wanting to hear the directions or MP3. Not what I thought I was purchasing, but can't afford a motorcycle GPS this year...............however, we just had a fun Christmas time together as a family, we are all healthy, and our house is warm, so a cycle GPS isn't a big deal for me right now.

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    thanks, I am going to bite the bullet and get the Garmin mororcycle unit. I going on a German tour and I want to make sure once i am lost I can find my way back. I plan on getting lost alot.

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