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Thread: Near fatal bike

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgdoc8307 View Post
    Any suggestion at finding a good lawyer in a case like this?
    You already have some.

    What is unfortunate is that some insurance company is going to have to pay out big coin instead of the idiot who caused the collision.

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    Sadly, if he only carried whatever your state minimum liability requirement is, the insurance won't touch what he is probably entitled to. I hope the driver has some assets.

    I'm in agreement with checking with someone not involved in the local politics of it all. There are excellent advocates out there for you, I'm certain.

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    There is an attorney that contributes to the highly respected Motorcycle Consumer News. His name is Michael G. Sullivan and is based in Columbia, S.C. His published email address is He might be able to recommend an attorney in Raleigh. Good luck.
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