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    Near fatal bike

    My son is recently a victum of a illegal left turn(failure to yield right of way by the SUV) that put him in the tauma center in Raleigh for 2 weeks. Multiple severe injuries, many terrible fractures, 12 units of blood, but he will recover and he and his family are thankful he is alive! Any suggestion at finding a good lawyer in a case lke this? Any first hand experiences as to what to ask what to avoid, anything? He is a 22 year old senior at NC State and ready to enter vet. school at NC State but this accident will put with in a wheelchair for 3-6 months and delay his schooling at least a year. Thanks for any comments or suggestions.

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    I don't have any advice for finding a lawyer but thank goodness your son seems to be on the road to recovery! And thank goodness for having great health care available.

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    Don't have a lawyer for you - but great news on the prognosis for your son.

    Here is hoping for a quick recovery.
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    I glad your son survived this accident. As for a lawyer there are many options one of which is to get a referal from other lawyers. The local or state BAR Association might be a good place to start. There are lawyers (unflatteringly known as ambulance chasers) that specialize in cases like your son's but, good references are needed. Best wishes to your son for a full recovery.

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    I wish your son a full recovery. It is always disheartening to read of an injury such as his. We are all pulling for him.

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    Law office in Raleigh

    There is a K1200 rider in Raleigh by the name of Lonnie who lost his leg to a car in a bike wreck (he's still riding with his prosthetic leg), and he used Martin & Jones for his successful legal suit against the driver. He has appeared in their TV and print ads, and told me that they did a great job of being legal champions for his situation.

    They have offices in Raleigh, Durham, and Wilmington. 1-800-662-1234

    Good luck and let us know how things work out. There is a considerable BMW bike community in the Triangle and they could be a good support group.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgdoc8307 View Post
    Any suggestion at finding a good lawyer in a case like this?
    You already have some.

    What is unfortunate is that some insurance company is going to have to pay out big coin instead of the idiot who caused the collision.

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    Sadly, if he only carried whatever your state minimum liability requirement is, the insurance won't touch what he is probably entitled to. I hope the driver has some assets.

    I'm in agreement with checking with someone not involved in the local politics of it all. There are excellent advocates out there for you, I'm certain.

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    There is an attorney that contributes to the highly respected Motorcycle Consumer News. His name is Michael G. Sullivan and is based in Columbia, S.C. His published email address is He might be able to recommend an attorney in Raleigh. Good luck.
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