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Thread: Does Length Matter?

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    Does Length Matter?

    I have an 87 K75T with a 13in eye to eye shock. I bought a Bilstein shock on eBay as an upgrade. The Bilstein has the BMW roundel stamped into it. I was delighted until I tried to install it this afternoon. It seems to be 14in eye to eye. I got the Bilstein in place and noticed the swing arm angle!

    How much difference will raising the back end an inch make to handling?

    Will the universal joint be too stressed?

    I re-installed the original shock.

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    It sounds like you got a shock for a Paralever bike. The longer shock would quicken the steering, perhaps to the point of being dangerous.

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    I put a used longer shock on my K75S, had to adjust the headlight down and am on my toes where I was able to flat foot it. Got used to it, did not notice any difference in handling because of the higher rear end. Try it, it might or might not work for you.
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    Gar, Just happen to have some shock lengths here on a note pad for my '93 K75. Wilbers 632-004 w/625 hyd preload adj. std length = 14-1/8". Works Performance steel tracker w/remote res. = 13-11/16". Dont know what OEM was, the old shock went to the scrap yard long ago. How long is the origonal shock?
    The longer shock will quicken steering, great for twisties, and great for increased ground clearance. With stiffer spring, greatly reduced foot peg scraping for my 180 lbs too.
    I lowered the forks in the clamps all the way down (raised up the front). Am still able to ride with no hands on the bars for great distances ( don't get caught! ).
    Should not hurt the u-joint too much, my old one lasted 105k before it got a little notchie and was replaced. Good luck!
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