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Thread: 2010 Redmond Oregon Rally

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    Volunteering at the rally

    I would like to thank everyone who volunteered at the Rally, Its people like you that make these things the success they are.
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    Hey, Blake!!

    Kerry here. I meant to write down your email address but forgot it by the time I got close to a pen. Send me a note at:

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    aerial photos of rally site

    We saw planes circling, where are the photos posted?
    Great rally!

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    This was the second Redmond rally my wife and I attended, and we enjoyed it thoroughly. Coupla comments:

    1. Rooms in Prineville were nice and reasonably priced. Couple of good restaurants in town, too. We often find that staying 15-20 minutes away from the actual rally site provides a nice eye-opener in the morning.

    2. Beer, food, and the like. Beer garden was fine, ice and bottled water onsite were a bit spendy but that was remedied at the local Albertson's. The problem with running a sidecar rig is that you always get elected to do the beer and ice run. Food on site was OK but just. C'mon, since when do you pay $8 for a pulled pork sandwich and not get at least some beans, chips, or slaw with it? The taco salads were by far the best buy onsite-- we ended up eating all but two meals offsite. HINT TO FOOD VENDORS: Tarping to provide shade for your waiting lines is cheap and draws people like flies....

    The ice cream vendors were great.....

    3. Vendor selection this year was good, lots of activity both inside and out. My wallet is still smarting!

    4. The seminars we attended were great, but we didn't make it to many because we were out enjoying the AWESOME SCENIC ROADS. Bump that requirement higher on the priority list, please!

    Great job by rally staff and volunteers, a big thank you to all of them!


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