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Thread: Motorcycle/snowmobile helmets

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    Motorcycle/snowmobile helmets

    Looking at a HJC IS-MAX snowmobile helmet. Any idea if there is any difference between the bike and snowmobile helmet other than the no-fog visor? Dealer claims they are different but I can't see where. Both are DOT.

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    Usually the front part is different on the snowmobile type so that you can attach air deflectors, looks similar to gas mask lower portion attachment

    For some with electical windshield you have the power cord for it.

    the fit is slightly different as the cut on the back on the neck was lower and wider (at least it seems to me) so that it can better accomadate winter clothing collars.

    Hope that helps
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    As long as the snowmobile helmet includes the DOT sticker it is suitable for motorcycle use. Usually the faceshield portion of a "snowmobile" helmet is different to address fogging issues.

    For my snowmobile riding, I use on of my HJC cycle helmets to which I attach a snowmobile style helmet faceshield, which is two layer and mounts out further from my nose.
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