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    vintage bike

    This is my firt try at posting a message
    I own a 1952 R51/3, purchased for $200 iin 1963
    Drove to California and back in 1966
    presently "restoring" the bike

    Does anyone know about what kind ahd how much oil and ow you add front shock oil?

    reassembling the shocks was quite a task with no guidance manual. the fork had been previously assembled incorrectly. The reassembly sequence is important and not obvious. good t hat i had pleanty of time to figure is all out
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    My Clymer manual for the '55-'69 twins says to use shock absorber oil such as Shell 4001, Belray 5W, or BP Olex 2463. I suspect you could use most any fork fluid. BMW sells fork fluid...other motorcycle shops carry it as well. Not sure of the R51/3 is any different, though.
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    Welcome to the MOA! You should definitely find yourself a copy of the workshop and parts manuals for your plunger frame bike, and the owners manual wouldn't hurt, either. They will help you a great deal when working on it.

    You can find an online parts manual here:

    You can buy reprint books for your bike (and many parts, and get great free advice) from "Vech" at Bench Mark Works. Follow this link and just scroll down a bit in the Online Store:
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    Actually I like the bike lift the best........................looks good.
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    Original work shop manual states:
    "Fill 130 cc = 8 cu. in. of engine oil in each prong of fork as per lubricating chart...."
    Engine oil called for is SAE 40 in summer and SAE 20 in winter.
    I would assume a 10w40 oil would work, as well.

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