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Thread: Snow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wezul View Post
    Oh that's the kiss of death.
    Not at all, it slowed to a pretty dusting by the time the party ended, so the guys all went out and helped brush/scrape all the cars off for a safe drive home. Fun night with a house full of friends, tons of food and a little wine (kept it light as everyone but the host was driving). Sure would like to own a snowmobile for a week...............

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    I guess we got lucky, here. Over the past two days we've maybe gotten an inch or inch and a half in total. I decided to scrape the snow off the driveway which was a fast and easy task. Already the temp is just warm enough to melt off the leftover snow and then dry it off. I'd be more than happy not having a "white Christmas".

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    I am very sad, I only live 125 miles west of Times Square and rode this morning on my GS for the Sunday Paper ( The NY Times .) Whatever happened to all those big storms that I got first before the city that never sleeps does ?
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    8" and counting.........

    Josh is dealing with it quite well as you can see

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    Germany has record cold, Holland can't run trains because of severe frost and snow, Denmark has similar issues and Philladephia has record snowfall too....What's going on?? ....
    Please be save folks, as cleaning up snow does sometimes result in heart attacks....

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    Some snow music for everyone...

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    Here in Klamath Falls, Oregon, it was minus 4 degrees two weeks ago.
    Yesterday it was 40 degees and I took what was most likely my last ride
    until May. This is about the 5th time that I thought it would be the last ride for the year. It's totally unpredictable.

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    along the wisconsin river here in central wisconsin

    give me more please!

    I put 800+ miles on my snowmobile so far, give me more please!!!

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    We have 19 inches on the ground, less than half of the normal 43 inches we average.
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